Guardian daemon

Has anyone here heard of calling upon and empowering your guardian daemon? Ive read a few things recently that talk about tapping into this power. It sounds pretty intense and useful so was wondering if anyone here has any insight into this.

Count Z

I’ve no first hand experience with it but I think S.Connolly’s books would be a good place to start.

Bump^ she was the first person I thought of when I read this post.

Yes, though I don’t see how this would differ much than calling upon your guardian angel or higher self. Seems like it’s just semantics at this point. You may also want to look for a matron or patron spirit which is what S. Connolly talks about in part of Keys of Ocat. Well actually these spirits often seek you out, partnering with your guardian demon or whatever the fuck you call it. lol

Greetings all,

I have Keys of Ocat and some other of S. Connolly’s work…just haven’t gotten to her yet. I’ve been really involved with the divination course here @ BALG, EE, and BoA.

With that being said, can any of you share your experience with these Entities contacting you? Are they usually family members that are deceased? Hmmm perhaps this depends on the “tradition” so to speak like In Palo Mayombe etc.? I’m interested in this.


I have had a demonic entity that has been around since my childhood, two of my exes have been possessed by this being at his will…Through my teenage years, I had come across a few people that have been possessed by other beings that have conversed with me about that entity and other things of an occult nature…I had even run into a few of these people after the fact and they had no recollection of what I was talking about…Life is peculiar…

Entities contacting me?

Well there was that little old man who sat in my window seal strumming guitar. Country music no less. The message was, “if you keep leaving your body unattended we are going to take it”. He was interesting. Then there was this time I heard EA mention a demon named Azazel during a radio interview. It was the first time I had listened to EA. He mentioned just speaking his name would draw him near. I tried it and well…or do you mean the time my dead grandfather walked up to me while visiting my family farm? That was pretty trippy. Especially when the coyote’s started howling at the moment I drove my dagger into the ground. Oh and there’s the spirits that have been contacting me on the astral plane since childhood, mostly spirits of a magickal order and some guardian angel types. I’m actually going to post this in another thread. So until then. ask away. lol