Gruesome ketamine trips please help!

I’m starting to get really gruesome trips on ketamine! It’s so horrifying and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to change them. I feel like this is the only place where I can find someone skilled enough and knowledgeable to help me. Love to you all x


Perhaps you should quit Ketamine? Just my idea.


Drink yellow root to get that junk out your system. It’s nasty but it will clean you out. Grapefruit juice and cranberry juice are good too. Ketamine induces seizures and those horrible visions happen before seizures. Even worse you could have silent seizures or grand mal seizures. It’s best to leave it alone.

Hey BALG family thank you so much for your replies. I understand that the underlying solution would be to stop taking it all together. I can admit I probably have an addiction but I don’t take it everyday probably once a week and I have a suit and tie job mon-fri 9-5 so I’m not bumming around. Not that it makes it any better. I just thought because there’s talks about other realms and demons etc. That this might have some relation to that.

I know it sounds farfetched but when I take it I can hear voices of people I know and visually see them when I am on it. This only started to happen when I started trying to open my third eye. I would talk to them normally and everything was fun and good. But I then argued with some people and now it’s gone a bit over the top.

I guess no one has any techniques to enable me to continue taking it and reverse the gruesomeness of my trips. I truly believe I am speaking to spirits and seeing other realms

I want to thank those that gave me input anyway and I promise I have been trying to cut down and perhaps will cut it all together if I can’t stop these experiences. Thank you so much! Namaste

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I would work on meditation, and take control of your mind (without the drug), so that you can maintain focus while under the influence.

Opening yourself up to entities and other realms, without the ability to at least consciously control what comes through, is leaving you open for parasites and other lower beings to latch on to you.

I would also perform a banishing ritual before you take the drug, so you at least have some protection available to you.


I have been where you are. You will not gain your powers that way trust me. I nearly killed my self becous of drugs and thrying to practise occult knowlage at the same time.

I have been meditating for a while but not sure how well I’m doing it. There’s so many different types I don’t know where to begin but I will continue to do it

I also don’t know which banishing ritual to do. When using the search function it shows a few but I dunno which ones best for my issue

What did you end up doing?