Grow your own? (Incense that is..)

So I’m kinda infatuated with the idea of growing my own herbs & incense. The idea of planting and harvesting consecrsting it all drying out & then being able to throw handfulls on the coals in a super dramatic fashion is very appealing!

Im starting the growimg season now, so of course there will be rows of sage & other easy herbs… i have bay growing and lavendar already… and i went adventurous and ordered some sandalwood seeds (see how that goes :grin:) … also want to grow mugwort…

I looked into frankincense but the tree sounds really picky so passing on that atm … any other suggestions?

Incenses I like:

Cedar, Juniper, Pine, Lemongrass, Sweet Grass, naturally Sage. I have a private Dry Storage Shed I use to stock herbs in Bulk and had just refilled these. Pine is my favorite smudge.

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I live next to a pine forest :open_mouth: guess i should be explioting that more! Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile:

Read it up online. Theres a history behind the sacredness of pine. Especially when it comes to Christmas Trees. Funny enough Ive noticed certain Satanists hate christmas (Reactionaries), but the original meaning of “Pagan Christmas” has roots with the Pine Tree as a spiritual symbol of Protection due to its occult properties.

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I managed to successfully plant my last christmas/yule tree … been using it as an out door sacred spot for offerings and such… its still timy at the moment tho :grin: