Group sigil activation

A thought recently occured to me. Is it possible to create a sigil that’s power increases each time it is activated? And therefore, a group could activate the sigil daily for a certain number of days, sending significantly more energy towards the target?

For example, I want to create a sigil to push someone to tell the truth. I input the words, “Each time this sigil is activated, XYZ will feel guilty and want to tell the truth,” into a sigil creator. Each day for, say a month, each person in the group activates the sigil.

And say another person creates a sigil designed to bring them a certain financial success, and the sigil is created so that each activation increases its power and directs that power back to the creator.

Does this kind of group work increase the probability of success? Has anyone tried this and had good results?


Want to test it out?

Possibly. It would be nice to know beforehand if it has been tried before. It would need to be limited, though, because who could activate dozens of sigils a day?

Yes, something similar has been done before. In the heyday of chaos magick, it was pretty common for chaotes to put up sigils around their community and have them charged by any person who looked at them, for example. The energy was automatically directed to the results, and from what I remember reading, the manifestations were pretty significant. Essentially, the sigils were charged by the energy from hundreds of people.

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That is awesome! It does make me want to print some sigils out on my sticker printer and put them in the busier parts of town.

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That’s a good way to go. You can stick them anywhere people could see them, telephone poles, mail boxes, public buildings, signs, etc.

this would be pretty interesting to test out!

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but it only need to be seen???, I understood that to load a sigil, keeping gazing for a moment it was needed

It only needs to be gazed at for a few seconds. It’s enough just for someone to notice it for a few moments. It doesn’t even have to be consciously.

@Pagan_liminals @CrownOfBuckthorns We can start a group here in this thread and try it out.


sure, why not.