Group Empowerment

Ok. Here’s a thought I had. What if we all started evoking spirits to command them to obey all of us, like a massive magic circle. Here is what I propose. At the end of each evocation, we remind the spirit with the words "It is my will that you would obey my brothers and sisters on the Become a Living God Forum.

So for starters, I put myself in a position that my magic has to work. So, please consider me favorably as you do your works this weekend? Thank you in advance for doing so.

What if some people here, who maybe don’t even post, are phenomenal dickheads, or fanatical Xians who are praying for us (I actually know that I have that off my daemonic child thread) or whatever?

Why be egalitarian enough to put power in the hands of random strangers, who may not be our allies, is my main question? :slight_smile:

I think we could do better. Perhaps, by utilising the “Seal Of The Sorceror” (which rules out fanatical haters right away) or by other methods?

it is a great suggestion but I would have to agree with Eva, it is risky. best way to do this it to create a controlled room where only the selected may enter.

What Deon said.
There is but a handful of people that I would trust to do this on here.

If you want though in the Black Majick section there’s a thread I made called Friends With Benefits:A New Beginning where people are now applying to do majickal work on other forum members requests.
And yes I am being quite picky over who I let do the work.
Only people that have been here awhile and some of which I’ve had personal conversations with in PM.After the “draft” is over I’m going to be posting what kinds of workings we’ll be doing week by week so you’re welcome to give a request.

On the positive side, I can see the advantages of pooling energy in a way that’s less of a commitment than the FWB thing (which it could also support)…

But, I would have a problem commanding entities I trust and respect to obey for example some dick that wants to see his ex wife, who left him because he raped their kids, suffer and die horribly in a housefire, because I have my own code of ethics and that’s not something I would want to even slightly facilitate.

So it comes down to that for me, too open-ended who would benefit, but if that was fixable it would be cool - or, maybe set it up to only work on prosperity magick, which is basically ethically neutral for most of us (I mean yeah, someone could hire a hitman, but I see that differently) … just a thought? I doubt any of us would turn down a bit more money.

Maybe something along the lines of “Only help those whom you (the spirits) believe are worthy of it. Aid them in their magick and strengthen it, while ignoring those who would use such aid for twisted affairs” something along those lines could work, and would target all of members who are competent and serious about the workings, while removing the random unwanted crowd from the mix, based on the spirits own judgement of them (could also be based on what your moral beliefs are, and transfer that belief to the spirits to aid in their search and selection process).

Then again, an all around prosperity spell does not hurt at all, lol.