Grounding work onto physical reality

I’m a forty year student of the Spirit of Transformation. For most of that time I have enjoyed near constant contact with my teaching Spirit. Recently She turned me loose to strive on my own. Thanks to Her kind attentions I have obtained great skill in the Spirit/Astral worlds, I can also shape in the physical to a fair degree, however, I’m now attempting to take my work to the next level. I am wondering if you have any advice on grounding what can be done in Spirit (instant and unattached transformation of myself or enviornment, or the deletion or formation of any desired object, etc.) into the physical plane. I’ve been working on pyrogenesis with no success. I’ve managed a few instant healings, but success is intermittent at best, I can alter weather on a large scale, but some things (lightning) allude me (it would also be nice to make the results come faster then twenty minutes on average). Further, I can summon quite readily without ritual, but can’t seem to gain a physical manifestation. Because of how I was trained I didn’t come up through normal methods. This leaves me struggling to catch up on basics long after the fact. Any advice on how to harmonize my abilities with the physical world would be both welcome and gratefully appreciated.