Grimorium Verum Lucifer seal what’s written on it?

I searched didn’t find what I’m looking for here and nothing on a we search either.

What do the lettering symbolisms on the seal of Lucifer from the Grimorium Verum mean? I was trying to find out what it says. I can’t find that alphabet even though I’ve searched trying to.

Does anyone know what it’s saying in the circle portion of it?

Edit add: there are explications for the claunek part the common Lucifer sigil part and triangle online but I can’t find anything about the alphabet (it doesn’t look like its theban or at least not the theban I’ve seen)




To give people here a chance to see my question (think I posted it at the wrong time of the night)

I dont think you’re going to get an answer. It was done too long ago and the square used (if any), wasn’t posted to my knowledge. I read Stratton-Kent’s Trve Grimoire where he analyses the Verum and I dont recall him providing insight into the scripting. I was sick at the time, but don’t think I missed that.

They could’ve come from a square or could’ve just been seen that way in a vision. Probably too long ago to really know and likely why you’re not finding info on it.

If it works, though…

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Lucifer told me a while back that sometimes these seals don’t actually have lettering. Rather, like in this case, the “letters” are actually sigils. He says that the sigils around this seal represent all of the masks and forms that he usually takes on.


@anon39079500 @Nolan_Toney Ok thanks for answering.

@moderators Please close this thread I got an answer and don’t think there’s anymore answers to be had so if you don’t mind, please close this for me.

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