Grimoirium Imperium Book warnings while reading

I have downloaded this grimorie and There are two warnings in the beginning of the book that says to not read unless you are in a circle and to make the sign of the cross and banish after every page… Damn that seems like a lot of work. Has anyone read this book and is this warning completely ridiculous ?? Maybe a stupid question but I tend to tread lightly.

The book is fake. No, not merely pseudepigraphic like the Lemegeton, but really fake. I wouldn’t be worried about circles, because the spirits in it are made up. You may as well evoke from Harry Potter.

I figured, but If it was some sinister, dark masterpiece I wanted to check with some folks who had some know how. How did you come across the book? Thanks for the quick response.

Books are portals… I burnt one once in disgust at the menacing charges laid against the demons - I was disturbed that slavery was attempted upon spirits not just mankind.

The smell of stale mounds of shit filled the air, and a dark presence was sensed… It left as the smell of shit subsided. There was no shit present on near nor was my head to close to my ass.