Grimoire of Tiamat...just putting this out there

It happens. I rip on LHP just as much as RHP sometimes but I try my best to walk between the pillars.

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Fantastic post! I have the paperback, but haven’t really touched it. Yup, yup, energy work is the foundation of everything in this area. I am working on it.
Thank you for this info.



Which meditation in the book did you use to manifest as above?

I have a copy of this book sitting on my shelf next to my altar as I write this. I have read through it, and can say that the tome holds some serious power. I have yet to work out of it however, because I want to use it in a complete pathworking, from start to finish.

I am really glad that I came across this thread, because it helped to reinforce what I already assumed.

Thank you for the post.

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Haven’t heard of this grimoire before. Dragon magick is no joke, and Necronomicon/Babylonian spirits have a lot of dark power.


Welcome @IblisTheGreat. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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I can’t find it here on the site.

Grimoire of Tiamat

@boredomkill5 That’s actually funny. When this thread got bumped, again, my first thought was “ok, someone in the grimoir wants to make contact.” Not sure which one yet, but if the crazy activity in my house is any indication, I need to put some effort into it PDQ. Before they break something that can’t be fixed.

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This will tie in nicely with my work with the Annunaki, glad I saw your post!

@Zohak please be cautious trying to “mix” this path working with anything else. I would definitely ask permission first, the energies are very unique .

I mean technically the Annunaki are children of Tiamat. And I started the work by dedicating to The Goddess. But I get the impression that Grimoire of Tiamat is more focused on primal sorcery so I will take that into consideration.


Ok, I have just a few minutes to update on my working with this path. Since the original post, my life has changed completely, for the better. I am really working almost exclusively with these entities now, and that is the most significant thing to talk about. During meditations and work, these entities will actually introduce you to others they feel you should work with. It’s an odd experience, but very validating. I had not read about all of the entities the first time it happened, looked the new one up and the name, description, everything matched the being I had met in meditation. It really is a complete system that can become a part of your every day life, not just something to be used in ritual.
Now, for some of the results: My awesome “job” is no more, being replaced by an even better gig that requires almost no time or effort and lets me earn a very comfortable income. I have relocated and now own three houses on separate properties that I paid less than 40,000 for, total. My husband was miraculously brought back after a fatal heart attack, less than 5 per cent survival rate. We were given an RV, making our travel more interesting with the hoard of children we inherited. The parasitic people who had been trying to invade my life have since been shown the error of their ways. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
I just have to stress the importance of being proficient with energy work before trying to work this path. It can be intense.


That’s pretty sweet everything is a lot better for you now.



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Thanks @Purple and @Sabbatius, it wasn’t my intention to get an atta boy, I really was trying to demonstrate results from this path working as a serious part of life.


Yes, but the ‘attaboy’ is well worth commenting, as you have done what many here fail to grasp that this practice is life-changing, altering and worth it, much beyond the mere enemy-thwarting, love spell casting tripe often associated with the LHP. You knew your direction, willed it to happen, dared to achieve and succeeded. Congrats!


Which meditation in the book did you use to manifest those things? I’m still waiting for a reply. I bought the book after reading your post but can’t figure out what meditation you’re referring to.

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Can you ellaborate on the meditative technique that you use?

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@IblisTheGreat, Every entity has its own meditation. You need to identify which one resonates with your need. They are all in the book under the heading for each entity. Just follow the instructions in the book.

@Frater_Libertas, As far as technique, I almost always start with E.A.'s white light technique and then move to the detailed meditation given for the specific entity. Oh, and the invocation of Tiamat after the white light and before meditation.

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