I’ve been lurking on this site for a few days now. I’m genuinely interested in the experiences of the posters here. I likely have little to add myself, but am intrigued by what I’ve been reading.

I’m a senior citizen with a lifelong interest in the occult. However, I’ve never personally attempted an evocation. When I was in my youth, I once wanted to summon a Goetic entity, Phenix/Phoenix, but for various reasons, decided against it (somehow, I’d managed to turn the whole affair into a comedy of errors.) I cast my first major spell at age 11, was turned onto hoodoo as a teenager, and have done quite a few hoodoo spells, in addition to an assortment of rites from other belief systems.

In general, I have a fascination with rituals of all sorts (religious, spiritual, personal, lodge rites, whatever), religious and spiritual beliefs, and the occult in general.

But enough about me. I’m primarily here to read about your experiences.

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:point_up:t5: I beg to differ @Hypnos, I’m sure you have a lot to bring to the table. Welcome to the forum, :wave:t5::blush: you’re among great people here.


Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for your kind comment, and thanks to all who’ve welcomed me to this forum! I’m ready to read and learn from everyone’s experiences.


Welcome, may your path and pathworking be comfy.

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Welcome, any questions just use the search bar before posting a new topic