I’m Esteban, or Steve, or “Hey You”, whatever you fancy. A little background about myself…I was raised in a very devout christian fundamentalist family. During my late teens, I became somewhat interested in all things Occult, mainly due to rare spontaneous astral projections I experienced and being told that the music I favored would lead me to straight to Satan. While in high school, I became somewhat of a regular at the local (only) Occult/New Age/Wiccan/Reiki shop. Still in my teens, I became involved with one of the employees there, a 40 something witch/healer that I had new and fascinating experiences with. At the time, I became really interested in runes and even though said witch/healer supplied me with a bounty of books and literature concerning rune lore(as well as an assortment of Thor’s hammers) she was always trying to convince me to drop that stuff and lean towards more of a Shamanistic path of the First Nations People.

Anyhow, the novelty of the shop atmosphere eventually wore off, I continued my education through graduate school and …converted to Catholicism (couldn’t shake the hold of christianity). A few years back, it seemed the logical thing for me to do was walk away from religion all together. Thinking myself an educated atheist, or at the least agnostic, it seemed the right thing for me to do. And not once since then have I ever questioned my newly found “lack of faith”. Instead, I’ve occupied my free time and thoughts with nature. Going to the forest or woods for me has always been like going home.

And now here I am. I have no idea really what I doing here or even how I stumbled onto this site. Literally no idea. I’ve don’t know what LHP or RHP means for me, but I’m suddenly finding that I’m reading everything I can on here and other sites as well. Sorry to be a tad long winded, but if its ok I’ll hang around and learn as much as I can here (and about myself as well) I always welcome another journey!


Welcome to the forum!

Thank You!

Hi there! Welcome!

Sounds to me like you’re following the call of your soul. It knows what you are. And, when the time is right, it will be revealed to you. In the meantime, learn all you can about your path.

Good luck on your journey. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for encouraging word LuvAndras78! I suppose if my soul is calling, then I should follow wherever it takes me

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Yes, you should. Usually, a person ends up regretting not following their soul-calling. Good luck again.

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