I’ve been lurking here for a little bit now and finally did some work and had to register to share…eventually.

I wanted to just introduce myself first and also add that I am new at the art of magick as I’ve recently been taking it more seriously. But I should mention that I feel as though I may have some natural ability because I had began using spells in my early 20’s as desperation with no knowledge or experience and believe it worked.

So with that said, that is my introduction and nice to meet all of you!

Nice to meet you as well! WELCOME

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Welcome to the forum.

What kind of magick are you interested in?

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All kinds interest me; hoodoo, wicca and more recently evocation. I can’t say I practice any specific one because I’m inexperienced but I enjoy studying it all in some form before practice.

I just started reading Demons of Magick for reference.

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Wow nice interests! I am sure you will find the best Info here

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Welcome @spiritofjj !