I have chosen to go by Karni as my friends often refer to me as a “rat queen” due to my choice of pets. I feel drawn to rodents and love them as my own children.

I hail from the southern United States where any form of paganism is unfortunately demonized and misunderstood.

My journey has only just begun. I am here for guidance and hopefully acceptance.

So far I have very little experience in magic. I believe the goddess Astarte reached out to me, and I have chosen to make a pact with her. Other than that I mostly focus on meditation, dreaming, and hedge crossing attempts.

I have a deep connection with animals and tend to draw them wherever I go. In my spare time you will find me barefoot picking and drying weeds from my lawn for later use.

I am drawn to the darker side of magic, and do not fear it. If you have any advice for someone just starting out, please feel free. It would be much appreciated.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Thank you!