Greetings Travellers

Hello there my fellow beings, my name is Watchuku, and here is my story.

My father and “mother” are the most normal humans ever, living in the material realm. They bought an plot of land and built an house there, and the plot happened to be haunted, which is something that i learned couple year’s ago. Because of that i had really weird childhood, i got possessed as a teen when playing spiritism with my brother and couple of his friends just for fun… well it was strong and scary experience that affected all of us.

Things escalated badly when i moved on my own apartment. I was interested about the secrets of the reality, and psychedelics which caused me to do an hardcore mushroom trip, i experienced the void but couldn’t get completely back to this reality. The Daemon got control of me causing me to do things that i try not to think about. Years went on and my mind was starting to shatter to pieces ( i had no idea back then that i was possessed ) I smoked weed and used binaural beats trying to get higher experiences and then finally it happened, the kundalini awakening. ( I was living with my grandmother at the time because of repair’s in my apartment building ) My higher self encountered the daemon and all kind of stuff happened, finally one night i thought to leave everything behind, left my keys and phone to my gramps apartment and left at middle of night, walking hours and hours no idea where. I was in a forest when i decided to turn around and get back, after i was back in the civilisation i was really tired, and took a cab ( I had my wallet with me ) well i didnt have keys with me so no other choice than ring the doorbell and wake up my grandma :frowning: i remember crying something to her about how sorry i’m etc… Couple days after that my father came to visit as he had heard about my episode ( I was still in kundalini state ) i told him something about how i left the evil into the forest ( ofc he had no idea what i’m flipping out ) and grandma made some pancakes which made me feel better :slight_smile:. Things got better as you can imagine and i felt free and different, i wasn’t sure what had happened and was all the things real that had happened. After the repairs were complete i moved back to my apartment and things didn’t go as planned, i started feeling evil things once again. I was researching things about magick at this time and i learned about moldavite and made an order from ebay, due to moldavite i was able to get myself back into this world and completely free myself from the madness. Some time after that i found out that i can become an living god. :love_you_gesture:

Here I’m alive and awaken from the horrors of the past. Still researching and studying about things and stuff, finding out what I’m. :crystal_ball:


Welcome to the forum.

So you have no experience with the practice of magick?

It sounds your parents were hexed by a jealous or angry family member. I have read many accounts when an individual is hexed the malevolent casting transcends to other family members, in particular if they are a parent and the children seem to be effected with visions and harm because numerous hexes were cast against the family.

Many times when a parent is hexed it will boonarang to the offspring especially with baneful castings what I term a destruction hex. As the children are the most important thing in there parents lifes.

Damn, that sounds hella intense. Welcome!

Thanks for the welcomes.

Well i dont have any experience from practicing magick like, rituals/evocations/sigils etc as i’m an newcomer to black magick and i have a lot of things going on right now, so i do thing’s when i’m prepared and in the right state of mind.

About the plot, in early 20th century there was an barn where a local bandit gang took their victims to slaughter, so alot of negative energy on the location. Also the neightbour house where my uncle lives is haunted.

Yesterday i had an teleportation experience. I was in a train going home from a friend, when a tunnel came i got a dizzy feeling and everything went off and next thing is i’m out of the tunnel and the location looks wrong, then comes an announcement “Savio” i flip out and check out what train i’m, okay N train and i was in I train. I leave at Savio and another N train stopped there going to opposite direction, i went in and traveled couple stations back and waited the next I train and this time i was able to travel the tunnel without quantum leaps.

Must say i was kind of altered state when i write my story, it just came from the source.