Greetings! Tom here

Totally new here and looking to make new friends to surround myself with and be mentored within the LHP. I have much to discover and learn and am very excited to do such. Anyone want to chat?
Currently isolating from COVID. have been for a VERY long time to protect myself and elderly family members. Would love to get to know lots of you and eventually meet up and hang out, once I’m vaccinated. Which could be a while…so I guess just looking for pen-pals for now…I live in NY. about 40 min train ride fron NYC(havent been there in a while though, as Ive just explained.) moving to florida in the summer after vaccination. About 3 hours north of Miami on the east coast. Looking to make as many friends as possible from any and everywhere. Im told Im a pretty nice guy and am open minded. Lets Chat!



Welcoms @Alto666

You’ve told us everything except about any experience you might have in magick lol

Do you have any experience?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of Magick are you interested in learning.

This is important information to include in a proper introduction.


Thank you for the insight!
This is where people may boo and hiss…but Ive walked away from christianity five years ago and I dont even know where to start down the LHP.
Ive sought advice here and there and had some other good insight as well. But Im looking for friends to help guide me. Goddess Lilith fascinates me. The way she denied adam, was brilliant. Chaos is something Im very well versed in honing, to protect others and Lust is something Ive greatly lacked in my past life of a christian. Ive dabbled with I-theistic Satanism, Ive read The Satanic Bible, LaVey is highly intellegent, but I lack spiritual meaning and look for a greater being to answer to. My past as a christian was very empty and I feel a great bitterness towards god and have for many years now.
Would love to find others to chat with about their lives in The LHP, who I can learn from

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You’re on an occult forum…why would you think we would “boo and hiss”? You’re come to the right place especially if you’re fascinated with Lilith. There are tons of threads here about her, just use the search function to gather some info and go from there.

Welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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Thank you. Much Appreciated

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Are you looking to replace the Christian God with another being to worship and follow? The LHP is more about realizing the God within and not worshiping any other being. Respect them, maybe even offer devotion, but not worship. Do not beg an entity to make your life better, you command the angels and demons and other spirits to follow your Will.

I hope you find all that you are searching for. I know how hard it is to break the Christian upbringing, letting go of the angst against the Church will be a big but important hurdle. As long as you have bitterness towards it, it has chains wrapped around you.

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I just feel empty. And I do feel great bitterness towards god. Great advice though, anger and hatred is way too heavy a burden. Im going to work on that from now on. thank you

So if I’m understanding correctly, you have no practical experience in magick?

And FYI, in black magick, there is no greater being to answer to. That is a religious thing. In the Left Hand Path, you answer to no one but yourself.


that is liberating to hear, matter of fact. christianity is all about being worthless and pathetic unless you crumble and fall to your knees before god. everything you do is flawed and everyting god does is whatever brings happiness to your life. Really sick of being abandoned by fickle pastors and dealing with christians that tend to be so selfish.
Thank you for planting that seed right now in my head

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You can reach out to me any time if you just need to chat about your Path, getting over Christianity etc. I was raised Catholic and pretty early on in my life I came to much of the realizations you mentioned. And it took me years to get over my anger and negative feelings about Christianity and the Catholic church especially. Looks like you are well on your way!

is there a way to chat in private messages? or is communicating strictly on message boards?

If you click my name I think you can PM me.

cant seem to find the message button. is it because I just signed up for this message board?

You need to stay active for more than 11 days to enable that UI.
Your trust level will change to member and you can start messaging and chatting.
It is done to avoid spamming of the forum.

Good luck and welcome.

great, thanks!

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Something that will help you a lot is to deprogram yourself of the judeo-Christian abrahamic notion of the divine and divinity.

Let go of that notion of “God”. Realize it’s not anything you need worry about or war against. Cast it off. It may not be easy, and you’ll need to do a lot of personal and introspective work.

You’ve been taught and convinced there’s a penultimate head honcho called “God” up there somewhere, but that simply isn’t the case.

its just frustrating recalling all of the short-comings of being a christian and all of the rejection from fellow christians. The big tipping point of me walking away was betrayal by several close christian friends and as well as being bullied into a fight that I won a nd having the bully run to the church telling everyone I attacked him- and because of such, the church mates and pastor shunning me from the clique-community.
lots of shitty outcomes have come my way over the decade I devoted myself to. Itd feel great to brush off god and everything that stands for it. Youre all right though, I gotta start doing such starting now.

Sorry to jump in kicking and screaming on your introductory post, but the above quote is right-hand path. I answer, myself to Myself.

Anyway, welcome! And don’t read my stuff, you’ve been warned.

P.s Try learning a banishing ritual until you can feel the power shifts whilst experimenting with energy collection and direction using the runic body posture of Elhaz. That should keep you going for months.

Hi Tom! I am a newbie here too! Hope you are doing well! Which kind of magic do you practice?
Kind regards from Germany!