Greetings to all and thank you for having me be a new member

I go by the name of Flames. Since childhood I always liked playing with fire:fire:

For a long time I have questioned to purpose of life and why are we here?
I’ve tried being a “good person” my whole life but you never win, always last, never appreciated. People take your kindness for weakness.

Was raised Catholic and have dabbled a in Santeria. Something in me has always wanted to know about the other side. The so called forbidden and I have found after reading post here that it’s OK to take a different turn and be the person I believe I need to be. On the side of so called “Chaos”

I am not saying that just like being “evil or bad” but I do believe at times we must do and take what is rightfully ours. Balance is needed at times.

For some reason I feel that taking this route, I will be able to achieve all my desires. I have not yet tried anything but just by reading about different Demons I feel connections being forged. I feel empowered and assured that all my not dreams but desires will manifest for me and that any fear or anxiety from past events events that have happened to me that I will be nothing but a bad dream.

I apologize for my grammar &/ or spelling. English is not my first language


Welcome :fire::fire::fire:


Don’t worry. Your english is perfect.

Welcome, I hope you find what you search for.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

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Evil/Bad are simplistic terms used by those who are simple-minded. It is a difficult concept for the masses to comprehend that terms like “Good & Evil” are meant to control and not actually used to designate spiritual concepts. Remember, jealousy is considered “sinful” and “evil” yet Christendom serves a “Jealous” deity.