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Oh well, here I go.

So, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for quite a while. Mostly a lot of contemplation has been my tool for getting a better understanding of what I feel that I should do and what to avoid and so forth. I love conversations but I never seem to find people to talk about the matters I care about most. Small talk tends to bore me :P.
What sparked my interest in spirituality, as I claimed to be an atheist before, was a mystical yogi type teacher on YouTube called Sadhguru. He just seemed to be so intelligent, yet at the same time simple. And he talked about sth I couldn’t understand or compherhend, something to reach for. Wow I thought, this is really curious and kept exploring. Then at some point I dwelled very deeply into non duality stuff, and eventually realized that hey that’s a pretty simple concept thought about in a million different ways. But nothing in my life changed. I started becoming more and more honest with myself, realized that I would like a purpose and so I started working on that. Eventually I changed things around and realized I need to do a lot of work on myself. I became honest about how much I wanna make art. And like it in general. I thought for a while that art could be a portal for enlightenment, but somehow the non-duality ideas you could say found a way to discourage me and make me feel like it would be a distraction. But needless to say. I don’t care much anymore. Now I’m just curious about getting a deeper feeling, awareness and understanding of “the other”, work with and understand spirits, make art, be successful and just find a happiness I’ve struggled with for so long, as well as face my shadows and just do whatever it takes.
Also I’ve felt quite identified with being a starseed, and an older soul in general. Perhaps to help heal planet earth and help ascend.

To whomever read this, thank you for taking the time and maybe ill be on here writing about my explorations, been thinking about getting into astral travel and out of body experiences a lot recently. Oh and I just started a “book of shadows” :ooo

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Welcome to the forum @Mirror_Magi

If I am understanding you correctly, you have no experience in magick?

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Not much no. I’ve dwelled in it a little always, Nd was always drawn to the occult, but tended to stay a lil scared. But from what I know even driving a car, or building it for that matter is kind of magick! (correct me if I’m wrong)

Well, technically, maybe, if you believe any action backed by intention equals magick. However, when I asked if you have any experience, in magick I was talking more along the lines of performing symbolic ritual actions that have no observed relevance to what you are trying to accomplish, yet accomplish the result just the same. For example, gazing at a candle flame and visualising your goal, or gazing at a symbol to connect with a spirit or god, and calling it to work on your behalf.

Just a little bit of that. As I said, very surface level. I’ve done some candle gazing but no intention setting to go with it. It was a kind of meditation. I thought about for a while how the character I’ve created, whose name I won’t reveal yet (maybe soon), will be the story I write and it becomes true… I got the idea from one comic writer whose name I forgot but he used sigil magick as well.

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It’s basically thus far been a lot of interest in a lot of things but I never set myself out to complete them, perhaps most because of lack of patience.

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Sounds like it was probably Grant Morrison. He is a Chaos Magician, and is well known for his comic book The Invisibles, which he created as a hyper-sigil.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

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Thank you so much! I feel very welcomed :slight_smile:

Welcome :blush:

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Oh. I forgot, once I did do a ritual for Kali, once with a mantra, a picture and candles. I’ve tried talking to spirits as well. Maybe some other things I’ve forgotten as well. But I like to think I’m very open minded to any method or to work with anything really, although I’ve tried to stay careful not to mess with the wrong forces just to regret it later because I was naive and thought it would be fine.
If you have anything skim over your mind that you may think could help me on my path,(although I understand I’m not giving you much to work with hehe) , since I’m trying to start a practice, I would be happy to hear it.