Greetings! It is good to be here! This is my story. Please recommend topics for ultra-beginners like me

Hey guys! I have been skimming pages and reading threads for some time now, and it is about time I joined in and introduce myself to you. Call me Vinzent.

My background… I am in a field where (as I have heard from someone else here) everything needs to be logical and with scientific basis. Everything needs to have an explanation or physical proof. I did not believe then with magic or witchcraft. These are all just make-believe stuff for me. But then, 1 moment in my life changed my perspective of things (long story).

Along the way, in my mortal life, I was able to discover that some mystical powers exist. Met a local priest one day and he would then soon become my mentor in the arts of the mystics and hidden powers. He introduced me NAP, and helped me open my mind into it. I practiced it for almost a year back in 2010, but found myself busy with other things, so stopped, without any real positive results from it. Or I guess, being able to work abroad with good paying job would be considered as a success story of NAP.

Then few months ago, crisis hit us all. And I was stripped of all the distractions in my mind and found what’s really important and essential in this world. Material things didn’t matter anymore. Also, I found time to meditate, to relax and to unwind, and study NAP again.

During one of my NAP ritual, I felt a different kind of energy. It filled my whole body. The tickling of the ant sensation is more pronounced and the chills are very intense. I did not experience this back during my 2010 sessions. Maybe I got the ritual right this time? Maybe I am in deeper trance than before? I don’t know. But soon after a few days, I would soon get real results from my rituals. and that is really amazing!

So like a kid addicted to candies, I got hooked to it. Researched and researched and found myself getting books to read and that is when I realized I am only scratching on the surface. As i found out, there are a ton of things I still don’t know about the world of Occult and Magick. And I told myself I will devote myself to learning about it. Yes I just started, but it is soon becoming my passion and art.

Some of the things in my bucket list:

  5. BASIC Magickal Invocations
  6. ADVANCED Magickal Invocations

That pretty much explains who I am, a noob thirsty of secret knowledge and also yearning to do serious magick and astral travelling.

If you can suggest the best topics to start for ultra-beginners like me, really appreciate it. I believe the best teacher are not the books, but from the different persons’ accounts who had years and years of experience and will have known the right track of learning things to reach a certain level of proficiency.

Wish you all a magickal day!

  • Vinzent


I would search for “beginner tutorials”. There is a good list of them that folks have written.

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thank you mate! :slight_smile:

found a lot already…definitely a good learning experience so far.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

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Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG.

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Welcome to the forum !

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All the linked topics in this thread - it’s what they’re for: