Greetings, I am Soror Raven

I just wanted to say hello since I am new here. I found the forum on Ereshkigal and since I am doing a small study on Her I figured I would sign up.

I have been studying and practicing for 17 years working mostly within the Egyptian pantheon. I have worked with invocation, evocation, astral, past life work and many other things.

My goals are to strengthen what I already have in connection to Deities and to come into fullness with what I already have which are natural innate gifts. I feel drawn to darker Goddesses and I am looking to explore them intellectually first. Having come close to death and yet surviving has left me even more intrigued into how these Goddesses play a vital role to the living.


Hello and welcome, please let us know about your current magickal strengths, and goals

Welcome to the forum @SororRaven . Please properly introduce yourself, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. This post does not meet the criteria for an introduction.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

Hello and welcome. Lots of interesting things on this forum. You can acquire a lot of info and assistance here.

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Thank you!