Greetings, I am new here!

Apologies in advance if anything I write offends someone, it’s my very first post ever in a magick forum. My name is Lorelei and I come from a very poor Balkan country. I started being interested in the occult because my mother is a malignant narcissist and she has been openly cursing me and other people growing up. Some of them had horrific ends (1 year ago a guy at her job hated her and reported her for abuse in the work place and she cursed him and he had a car crush and burned alive). In my entire life I was a magnet for toxic, abusive, narcissists and the popular psychology was all unhelpful nonsense (and I say this after seeing multiple psychiatrists and therapists). They all prescribe medication and talk about no contact which is impossible if you don’t make enough money.
I live in a house that belongs to my parents and I am married to an underemployed video game addict narcissist. Last year I found JoS and did their ritual and a lot of things changed for the better, I made a lot of money for a few months and my mother left me alone for the most part. I don’t mind working with Satan and his demons exclusively, they have been nothing but kind and supportive to me.

I asked for Astaroth’s assistance and he revealed to me that my mother has done a binding spell that binds me to the house (because she is a horrible creature who never travels anywhere and doesn’t want me to travel/move out) and also has put a curse to keep me away from my soulmate (I know who he is and he is married to someone who also put a binding spell on him).

My husband comes from a very toxic family as well and I suspect he has a generational curse who affects me too. I have done freezing spells on him and my mother as well as poppets to bind them, but although they get slowed down, I still don’t manage to achieve consistency financially (I have my own online business), things break down in the house constantly etc.

My questions are:

  1. How do I break the binding spell that forces me to stay on that stupid house?

  2. How do I break the binding spell that causes me misfortune in love and keeps my soulmate away from me?

  3. Do you know an easy and effective spell for fast money?

I am constantly using the search bar (I am doing my own research and not expecting anyone to spoon feed me), but it’s difficult because since I am a spiritual Satanist I cannot work with a lot of the deities mentioned (and I don’t want to break my commitment to Satan and his demons) and my country is dangerous, sadly I don’t have access to cemeteries for dirt and expensive crystals etc.

In any case, this forum is amazing, I consider myself blessed to have found you, looking forward to learning and making friends!



Welcome Lorelei. I hope you enjoy the forum and learn many things that will help you. As someone who also had to deal with a lot of abuse from a narcissistic parent, I completely sympathise with you and your troubles.

Rest assured you will find lots of useful information here.

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Welcome to the forum.

For your first two questions, I would petition Lucifer and see if he couldn’t help with breaking those for you.

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Hi @Lorelei, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::slight_smile:

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