Greetings from North Texas

Hello all! My wife and I have started walking this path together. Main focus right now is practicing evocation to quench an undying thirst for knowledge.
I find a calming notion to the idea of having chats with beings of whom possess unfathomable knowledge and abilities, regardless of what the christians have tried to scare us with (if they only knew what angels are capable of :smiling_imp:). We hope to build many spirit relationships as well as human relationships with likeminded individuals.
If you happen to live near Dallas / Fort Worth, TX… PM me, we’d love to meet sometime.


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I’m Fort Worth myself.

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@Rungr aha… same here
Coffee sometime?


Are you a beginner in magick?

How long have you been practicing?

@DarkestKnight I have been practicing forms (meditation, spiritual enlightenment, etc.) mainly eastern practices for most of my life. I recently moved into western practices as of this year. My wife, on the other hand, has been doing divination through tarot for most of her life. We are both new to ritualistic practices.

@DarkestKnight the way I can explain it is, everything I’ve learned in my life led me to this moment and the only reason Magick has been brought before me / caught my attention is because I’m ready and prepared in this moment.