Greetings from a Rookie Magician still trying to find his Path

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and say how excited I am to be here. I have studied and practiced basic magick before; some alone and some with a partner.

I still do not know what my path is yet but I’d love to find out and learn more from all of you here.

My personal journey into the esoteric began a few years ago when I encountered a strange entity which completely changed my outlook on this World and beyond. I may share this in full at some point for now but let’s just say it greatly influenced me into researching all kinds of esoteric material in a bid to understand what I had seen.

Looking forward to participating on the site.



Welcome to the forum! It’s like a deep ocean you send a message to, and from the depths comes some creature answering your call. Maybe there’s a lamp down there with a djinn in it!

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Welcome to the forum.

What do you mean by “basic?”

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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I’d define it as basic. Some chaos magick and candle magick. I have created sigils and I used to do LBRP and Middle pillar daily.

I started practicing LBRP/Middle pillar a couple of years ago but only this past year 2019 did I go a step further and start doing some candle magick etc.

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Hello and welcome! :hugs:

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Welcome to the Path and Finding what your path is…did you ask the being who contacted you anything about it?I also have been contacted by one and it DID lead me into acceptance of my calling and what massive positive and progressive changes it has been helping me in making formyself.The Path is Difficult yet all that is worth anything(In my opinion) will take effort and patience with oneself.


Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll changed a lot more than my life, but it started that way. Most Chaos Magicians seem to gravitate to the left hand path.