Greetings Everyone!

Hello everyone!

Of coure, we all start with an introduction. So here comes mine.
I am from Europe, specifically The Netherlands. You can call me by my username.

I have been aware of magick for years and tried some stuff regarding it which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. Though I am willing after being too lazy and not caring much about it to start again.
I’m not a person who specifically believes in paths and just pick and take whatever I need but I think that would be called ‘chaos magick’. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My goal that I have set up is to be efficiently able to communicate with spirits and hopefully see/hear/sense them whenever I please. May it be through an ouija board or astral projection. Though my goal preferably would be astral projection which I am trying to work, though not much progress as of yet and in the past.

And as for my abilities I have some newbie/beginner experience with energy manipulation and some mild tarot reading ability.

I hope to help you or vice versa!
And best of luck with your own works


You are welcome to this community.
You will like it here.

If you find anything difficult or want to read of personal experiences from other memebrs, you can use the search :mag_right: in the header of the site.

You surely be thrilled what you read.

Have a nice stay!

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Thank you very much!
It’s appreciated

Welcome to the forum.

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welcome to the forum

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welcome to the forum, faggot

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