Greetings everyone (short introduction)

I found this forum and E.A.Koetting’s channel and I must say, this is what I really searched for a huge amount of time. I was an atheist for most of my lifetime. Now I’m 24 and I still look for the right path for me. A few months ago I discovered a Joy of Satan website and some sources. I thought, that was what I needed, but after few months of dedication, I feel that I must keep looking.

To be honest, I really want to be a black magician and LHP follower, but currently my conditions are quite bad. I dream about having my own, personal flat, so no one could interrupt my work. My family is quite fanatic (rather christian than catholic) and all talks about magic stuff is quite dangerous for me.
My brother quite understands my interests, but when I talk about magic, Goetia, Quaballah and so on I see fear in his eyes. He always forces me to make promises that I won’t do any practices. Well in that way I have to lie him.

Anyway I also dream about meeting E.A.Koetting face-to-face and learn more about his work on some lectures.
So currently my first goal is to get funds for my own apartment.
I feel confused which magic path I should choose. Who should I summon for it? Bune, Clauneck, Bartzabel or Mammon?
I hope I learn some new things from people in here.
BTW I’m from Poland.

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Welcome @Kamsky

Have you tried your hand at practicing anything yet?

What are you most interested in learning?

I tried some evocations from joy of satan, but didn’t work. I’m very interested in transformations, alchemy and things like vampirism, energy manipulating and lycantropy. Also I want to make a full manifested physical evocation, so I guess left hand path is something I should focus now.

Do your parents allow you to meditate? You could tell them you are silently praying if they don’t.

I ask, because there are methods for contacting spirits that don’t require full on evocation, like petition spells, and visionary magick.

Do you have access to Amazon in Poland? If so, look into the book Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove.


Welcome to the forum. You can always take your practice to the astral, so maybe you should learn astral projection until you have a space you can practice in privately.


Thank you for respond. Meditation will be good for me to start. We have an Amazon in Poland. I’m going to check this book.
These terms you mentioned (petition spells and visionary magick) sound quite interesting. Could you, please, send me some good books about them for newbies ?

Welcome, he does offer this in his ritual for hire stuff :slight_smile: You can purchase an entire weekend with the guy, if it appeals greatly to you. I’m aware most of us can’t afford that, but if it’s truly a dream it might be something to add to your bucket list and save for in the future.

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We do not permit people to send PDF bopoks on here because this website belongs to a respectable book publisher, and most PDF are piracy, but you will find some free i formation directly from real members who practice magick here:

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You misunderstood me. By writing send me books, I meant the titles. Sorry for that.