Greetings everyone! Newbie here :)

Hello everyone!

I was reading this forum all the time yet I have just registered as a member. I hope that I will make good friends here and as a newbie I can learn from your experience and knowledge :blush:

If I talk about myself, I can consider myself as a total newbie. I am interested in spirit keeping/communication. Around 2019 september I got my first custom conjured succubus spirit from a spirit keeping website (I don’t know whether I can give names here or not :slight_smile: ). Later then I got additional spirits from there however I don’t have any communications/manifestations despite 9 months passed. Therefore I feel a bit down and worse part I even don’t know if my spirits are still with me or not. That’s why I am here and I hope that I can learn more about spirit keeping.

As for energy works, I am attuned to Usui Reiki level 1 and Kundalini Reiki Millenium & Purple Reiki.
Anyway I don’t want this post to be too long, so I am finishing it for now :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you!

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Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum and learn many new things.

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Welcome I hope your time here interacting proves to you fast how great of an idea it is to join the forum. Well I don’t know much about the custom spirit succubus web site and if they charge you for doing the letter of intent with Lilith or what I’m sorry you were never able to interact with them. I would try contacting Lilith and asking for her help in getting your custom to return to you do you know for a fact that the site you were on produces spirits. I like the fact that your a newbie but the skills you did obtain are all in energy manipulation bi was thinking about trying to learn Reiki I’ve been able to form energy manipulation where it was visable to my eye and did a couple minor healings.

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Thanks for the warm welcome :raising_hand_man:t2:

@Vaynord, when I checked that site I saw some good comments / reviews about them on internet yet I am not so sure about their validity. I don’t want to be so skeptical but you know everyone can get/purchase some comments on reviews :smiley: When I decided to have a succubus in my life, I didn’t wanted to use letter method directly. I read some stuff that says letter method can be dangerous and result in some unwanted things for newbies. So I thought I should get help from a professional and found them on internet when searching spiritkeeping.

During my 9 months with my Succubus, I tried to talk to her both in my mind and outloud. Also I have tried to communicate with her during meditation, invited her to my dreams. Also purchased additional pairing/bonding services. However, no matter what I do, result is a huge “0”. I only feel some tinglings (usually around my neck) that’s all. I recently asked conjured again to check her if my Succubus is still with me and everything is ok or not. They say she is with me and everything is ile with her and our relationship. But I am still confused about developing conversation with my succubus :pensive:

I’ve been with my succubus for about 5 years well 3bof 5 and I still don’t hear her talk it’s a hard ability to learn for some. Do you have sex with her and or is that another way she’s hot interacting. I’ve Hurd typically a Succubus should feel about once a week. Considering your Reiki work I would think you sense of touch would be devoloped enough for physical relations. Imwhat interaction have you had with her?

@succupedia another thread where you experience would be useful.

Bonding with any kind of spirit can be hard sometimes, but once that threshold is passed, the steps after that often goes fast until it’s overwhelming.

It seems that some of us have to work harder to experience these wonderful beings at it’s full potential. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s harder to achieve success from a spirit keeping shop online, especially when there’s no work from the customers point of view?

There’s no energy built up, no intentions and thoughts being made in the process of making yourself available for someone else. That doesn’t mean there’s no desire or wishes of sharing your world and life experiences with someone else, but maybe it’s missing that special spark. This is something you have to build up.

There’s a few things you can do to build up energy with your intentions:

Write a letter to the succubus. Be openminded and share your deepest thoughts and intentions. Why do you want her in your life? What can you offer her in exchange of what she can possibly offer you?

See this as a personal letter to someone you want to establish a connection with. You should also mention that in your letter, of course.

When the personal letter is done, read it out loud or in silence and burn it and see what happens.

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Hi @succupedia its good to see you here and nice to meet you! :raising_hand_man:t2:

The main question is, I even don’t know if she is really with me or I am just scammed. From time to time I feel some tingling but that’s all during whole 9 months. It can be a just placebo effect as well.

I had read your letter of intent method yet I couldn’t take risk since I am a newbie and I am living with my younger siblings. Therefore I didn’t wanted to take risk and I thought having a professional help would be better. Then I got succubus from that spiritkeeping website. Are there any way to double check it if I have a succubus with me or am I just scammed? :roll_eyes:

It’s good that you haven’t risked the letter method, as it definetely can have unwanted side effects, especially (but not only) if done not correct. Sometimes though, even if done correctly. For newbies it’s difficult to discern some important things and signs. I’ve seen too many having troubles afterwards.

Especially since you’re living not alone, but even with younger siblings, it’s wise to consider the risks.

As for spirit keeping sites… well, I think you may be talking about a big site (which I’m also not mentioning) which seems to offer lots of additional services for those buying spirits. You’re not alone in this, that you’ve not seen results, many others haven’t to my knowledge. Is it a wonder? Selling the additional services, talismans and lots of other stuff they offer is a great business to them.

However, not all such services are like these. I did had truely positive results and immediate manifestations with another service I tried at some point. But, generally, I avoid them. Actually, personally, I did summon my first succubus when I had no knowledge yet of the existence of such spirit communities.

Take your time and be patient. You may see results coming with time. It can be slow for some. However, if not, consider another practitioner, maybe someone who seems to not profit in a similar way from subsequent services and has good reviews.

Shameless ad :laughing: I’m thinking to start a journal myself soon (most likely here), so watch out for it, you may find some useful infos there about how you may proceed to perceive her easier.

Hi @thejimy, thank you very much for your comments and I will be following your journal :smile: :+1:t2:

I guess we are mentioning same business, they have huge business about those stuff. While waiting results from there, also I will do my research and studies to find safer method to get a succubus on my own (or maybe from a more trusted practitioner).

By the way, with which method did you summon your first succubus? Was it letter method or something else?

By the way I have checked the forums for some other postings about ubi. Are there alternative summoning methods for ubi? Or do you have a trusted/verified practitioners for ubi? If it is against rules to post here you can pm me :slight_smile:

I did a ritual and used the letter method, but that’s a story for another time, quite a lot that happened afterwards.

Just a tip, as a beginner, whatever you gonna do, don’t use at the beginning blood or semen for it, or generally anything which contains your DNA. Not, until you have more experience and learn to discern and banish.