Greetings and many questions from a idiot 👍

Hey :smirk: I’m introducing myself quickly as I’ve already done elsewhere, my mother deciding to call me Leo 19 years ago, it seems. So since then everyone has been calling me that and I’m fine… yes, yes, I’m deliberately acting like an idiot, each one has his or her own talents :man_shrugging:

I’m here to ask for some help with choices for first rituals and magic that I need for some aspects of my life right now (something I explained in another post if you’re ever interested), plus, the full moon lasts almost 3 days, so I wanted to take advantage of this energy flow to start a work on myself. I’ve already been interested in runes and sigils, but it hasn’t given me anything conclusive, so I tried to find help.

I wanted to know how to protect other people even from entities/spirits/parasytes, I’ve already done it for me, but I didn’t think it would affect my family members as much, especially after establishing fairly strict house rules about this kind of thing :zipper_mouth_face: I have already tried salt (cheap salt, sea salt, Guérande salt, espom salt), banishment circles in some rooms and spells, but it only works for a while, and it dissipates.

Secondly, I would like to invoke Lilith (I hesitate to do it on the new moon) to thank her, I promised this a long time ago and I never did, which is most likely one of the reasons why I have many problems. However, I don’t know how to do it and I want to do it properly, so if you have any ideas, I’m a taker. I don’t know what else to do yet, Lilith is a goddess who can help emotionally and spiritually, but is she the best to help a lazy young man to progress slowly? What I mean by that is: is she patient or not? Because… I know myself :sweat_smile:

Are there any methods of meditation that approach certain energetic spirit signatures, I know that succubi and what can be called vampires do not have the same “frequency” at all, which I may have felt, but I can never meditate by identifying or prioritizing a particular spirit, it is something I would like to do for my succubi, I think she must feel much more alone than I do.

Afterwards, I’m also interested in a spirit from a very young age, the Banshees attracted me as soon as I was little, does anyone have any experience with this kind of spirit?

That’s it, I hope it’s not too many questions, thank you in advance and see you later :slight_smile: