Greelings Everyone

My name is Joseph and I am new here.
My main goal is to seek enlightenment.
To find the answers to questions that have been haunting me for years. I am hoping that I may find these answers by evocation / possession.
I am brand new to the Left Hand Path and I need to learn everything that I can to be successful in my endeavor. It is a pleasure to be here with you all.


Do you have any experience in magick?

No, not really.
I am waiting on begginer books to help me.
I have attempted to call upon Lucifer invoking his energy twice in order to gain knowledge on practice.
My last attempt was quite interesting. I have this flashlight hat for night fishing where the batteries have been dead for years and there is no way to replace them.
Later that evening after my invocation, unsure if I was successful or not. I walked into my closet and the lights in the hat were turned on shining as bright as can be. I turned the light off and checked the hat again the next day. I could not get the light to work.
I am wondering if I was successful in evoking Lucifers energy and it was his energy causing the light to work, especially after being dead for years.
Or was purely coincidental.
I would like to believe that I was successful but I don’t know since I am completely new to this.
Also I don’t want to piss of an ancient God or bring negative energy into my home or being due to my ignorance on this subject.
Your thoughts…