Greek God Hermes sigil?

Does anyone know the sigil for the Greek god Hermes?

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I didn’t know that the unicursal hexagram was Hermes’ sigil, learn something new everyday eh?

He doesn’t have one. Sigils are a modern invention.

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You could channel one. Perhaps even use a symbol of his instead.

I would imagine so, most of what a ritual is, actually is the intent to bring the entity to this plane of existence,

I don’t know what exactly you’ll evoke if you use the above hexagram, I suspect Crowley with wings on his temples.

If you need a symbol to focus on, use his Caduceus.


As far as I know that’s the one you use in Hermes rituals.

I could be wrong though, I’ve never tried evoking / invoking anything besides Norse and Goetia.

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Perhaps, I don’t work with hellenistic spirits that often anyway, mostly Norse and Egyptian

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