Greater Magic

What is your opinion on Greater Magic described by LaVey in the satanic bible?
Does these 3 types of GM works?

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The Pentagramm itsself is a portal and sex is very important into channeling infernal powers. The Phallus as magickal instrument is excellent for the majority of rituals. LaVey is of course a pioneer in making magick accesible to the masses in order that the demonic manifest easier at a global scale.

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So when the magus point out the blade towards the pentagram citing the invocation of Satan he creates that portal?


Indeed. Anyways all instruments are needed as the Altar should be complete. The Pentagramm should be rich in Dark Blessings and properly consacrated

So that’s why LaVey performs the invocation to Satan before the invocation of the four crown princes of hell. According to TSB Sigil of Baphomet symbolizes the Powers of Darkness.