Great Prince Stolas? Or just a thought form?

Last Sunday, I tried to evoke Great Prince Stolas. This was my very first demonic ritual I performed. The first time I tried, the wind blowed a little, birds became louder, but other than that not much.

The following day I tried to find my altar, but lost it. I failed that day and headed home.

Tuesday however, I was followed by ravens on my way to the altar, and surprisingly, I found it. I preformed another ritual trying to contact Prince Stolas. That time it felt as if it worked.

Ever since, I’ve been trying to casually contact him through telepathy. Every time I do, however, I get extremely tired. I feel as if something is wrong. I believe whatever I’m talking to, whether it be myself or some sort of parasitic entity is not Prince Stolas. It is a terribly idealistic version of him which seems too good to be true.

Ritual procedure and details:
Location: In the deep woods, about 50 feet away from the nearest path. I found a secluded hill which had obviously never been touched by anything human.
Altar: Salt circle (read that this may piss off demons and deter them so I let nature take care of it, and the following day I returned it was gone, I didn’t re draw it), a simple inverted pentagram made of sticks, didn’t light the candles first time and had the red candle in the middle, on Monday moved the blue candle to the middle and light all the candles. If I make Prince Stolas’s sigil, how do I do do outside in the dirt (chalk was my go to but it wouldn’t work in dirt) I also really like the sticks idea, but if it doesent work I’ll get rid of it.
Offerings: Stones, plant clippings, and on Monday I added flowers and more stones.
I have compiled reasons why I think I have not evoked the true Prince Stolas below:

1: On my altar for him, I used a simple inverted pentagram, not his sigil.

2: Every time I talk to him I get tired, as if he’s just a thought form and I’m sock puppet ont him. Or maybe a parasitic entity feeding of my energy.

3: Seems too good to be true. Too kind, to sweet, to everything. I’d imagine Prince Stolas to be a real entity with his own quirks and a personality desperate from the exact script of who I think of him to be.

4: My intuition is telling me something’s wrong

5: My astral senses are most likely not good enough yet to communicate with an entity like Prince Stolas

6: Relationship is moving too fast.

I am no close minded person. If it’s not Prince Stolas, please, tell me. I want to start a relationship with the REAL Prince Stolas. However, if you feel that my intuitions are right please detail how you would contact Prince Stolas. Do I need to use his Sigil, change my ritual procedure, do excersises, etc.

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If you just used a pentagram rather than the seal of Stolas, then you could have contacted pretty much anything as there was nothing to limit what could come through.

A seal is like a phone number. It’s a direct line. If you want to contact someone, you wouldn’t just dial up some random number and expect to reach them, would you?

In my opinion, you likely contacted something that lurks in the area, possibly an elemental or land spirit, not Stolas.