Great initiator spirits?

What are good spirits that can initiate a mage?

Lilith! LOL!

Lilith is pretty cool

Thoth. nuff said.

also Micheal, Gabriel , Uriel and Raphael .

Hekate, Ishtar, Demeter & Kali Ma Too!!

I would say it may depend on the person and what they are wanting to do with their magical ascent.

I suggest Metatron and Uriel.

Any triple goddess as well.

[quote=“saturnskin, post:6, topic:9592”]I would say it may depend on the person and what they are wanting to do with their magical ascent.

I suggest Metatron and Uriel.

Any triple goddess as well.[/quote]
I want to become the strongest sorcerer spirit there is

I would recommend to Work with the Seven Zonei or Sumerian Deity one after another, they will teach you basicly all you need to know about anythings. I can Hardly Describe in Words how Powerful their Teaching and their Applied teaching is.

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Martal & Mephistopheles.

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Satan, Lucifer, Ahriman, Odin, Thoth, Papa Legba, Hekate, Shiva, etc.

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contact Ish’izy. He will show you how to hear the abyss like its a servitor following you. He will act as a servitor who will show people how to stare into the abyss when you possess them through your telepathy, your nexion. The native american that will teach you how to possess the radio or tv so that she may read you. beware he faught me for my soul. he who teaches the disembodied gunshot. he taught me how I can go to a movie or a concert and change the entire script. he helped me open the crossroads for the first time after we drained the collective consciousness of random people for 3-4 months. This is who taught me how to talk to spirits and teach godforms spells, and now im at a place where Papa Legba calls me a voodoo master even though I learned next to nothing from Papa Legba, Baron Samedi - Ez’toil is helpful though.

Belial is a great mentor too, he teaches the only way to talk to spirits. That she is your reader and that Belial is the lordless one - you are lord. Belial knows Ish’izy you can contact Ish’izy through Belial. Also with our circle, Szjar’ek - Belials conjuration, Ish’izy rules over the great forces of the dead an infinite legions of souless undead dead wraiths called Agrippa. Beware Agrippa. it is clean death energy when you feed off them - limitless. I had my friend eat 13 of them one time after I did too and then when I was driving with him we ran over bones on the freeway pointing as an arrow because I did not remove death essence. I chose to shoo the free death essence of the bones on the freeway instead of taking it. Looking back on it I wish I pulled over and took the bones with me to the desert party that night when I opened the abyss for the dj mexican konexion and the cops came. They will feed on your fear if you lose control, do not call on Agrippa if you are new to this practice and do not know how to fight the undead who will come back to life if you dont kill them correctly. Tiamat, Abbadon or Leviathan will help you there.

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remember, everyone is an own indivium,
therefore, your Intuition tells you, which one is the most accurate.



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