Great idea for the causal plane

Since this happens to be my most favorite place to be I thought of a great idea for the causal plane since this is a plane where memories are formed. Create a Tome or black book in the plane where all your rituals are written down automatically since most of us don’t want our magick discovered by normies it would be a great asset. If you don’t remember all of your life you could ask your patron or guides to fill it in with all your useful rituals and all of your work.

What I did to create this is I actually went up to the mental plane. And created this book as a blank slate.
2. I gave a command that all my past rituals and magickal works fill this tome.
3. I built up energy from my heart chakra and pushed it into the tome.

Once it’s created in the mental plane. Carry it down to the causal plane to be filled with your memories of your magical works.

That is the basics

Your welcome


That’s actually a cool idea. It makes me think of on a journey manufacturing a tome and asking the bogi of the Slavic pantheon to fill it with spells and rituals, return periodically, and see if it’s been filled.