Great Betrayal and Humiliation

My wife left to live with another man and became so trapped in romantic love with this man. I got to know about it through a reliable source and went to challenge her.

I was so humiliated by her and her new lover. The twist of the matter is that she later start pushing to return back to me, using the children as an excuse.

Sad enoug, she is back to my house but still seeing the man.

She works around there and uses that work as an excuse to continue her romance with this man. It’s a case of keeping two husbands.

The man enjoys her sexually while I starve.
This has caused me so much anxiety and depression.

Does anyone know what I can do to disconnect her from this job which she uses as excuse to continue hurting me & my children and also to punish this man who has brought me and my family so much pains and sorrow?
Please I need help.


Dude why are you with her then? File for divorce or something.


Humiliate them both and curse the man ( but don’t kill him let him suffer ) send bad energy to the man and divorce your wife and stay with your kids and when they grow tell them about their mom who cheated on you


Mate, you’re clearly in the position where you aren’t putting your foot in the door. Tell her to go. There is no functioning household like this, I went through something very similar with my parents. File a divorce, improve on yourself and make decisions as you’re the one in charge — don’t just be the provider that’s a pushover. All the best, take care.


He didn’t bring any pain and sorrow to you and your family, your wife did with her actions. I’m by no means excusing his behavior, but you don’t know what she might be telling him in order for him to stay in the picture.


So how does it feel to have your wife turn you into a sub cuckold? That gut feeling you judt got is your answer!

You didn’t say where the children are and if they are okay. Make sure they are okay and perhaps they should be with you because she seems to be all over the place.

Tell her you’re done with her and don’t give her what she wants. Send her packing. That should be worse and faster than a curse, but curse her if you wish. As for the other man, if he did something or said something to humiliate you he is fair game.

If you really want to get revenge, be calm and tell her you’re happy she found someone she is happy with and you’re thinking of dating again, and ask if you can help her pack TODAY so she is gone and you can have your freedom to bring a date over. This will mess with her head as good as any curse, and if you throw a curse it will have something to work with. Use Paimon to do her head in.

If she stays it will only be a toxic situation, if she wants two husbands, don’t be that second one she can find one elsewhere. If you take control of the situation with dignity and don’t let her think she can walk all over you, you will feel better now and in the long run.

If you’re a nice guy and it sounds like you are, you will be appreciated by a good woman. Men don’t have expiry dates on their youth and looks so you can heal and find someone new.

The Gallery of Magick have a lot of books to deal with curses, justice and healing for you.


Your depressed because you can’t get any pussy

Bro grow up

…you don’t know what she might be telling him in order for him to stay in the picture.

Wow! Thanks for this line of thought. I deeply appreciate it. :purple_heart::+1:

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This sounds like a dead relationship. Also is this a lesbian relationship? With your wife now cheating with a man? The children are your biological kids?

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Record her behavior and continue being a model parent. Don’t get caught. Save the data and take her to court for the children. Show the video as proof of her dysfunctional living style.

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Hahaha :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m disappointed to see men being so nasty to each other. If this post was being written by a woman there’d be support and probably tough love, but none of this nastiness. No wonder men have a higher suicide rate.

My advice is a mixture of the first two comments. Curse them, cut her off, keep your kids. Good luck to you. Marriage infedility is one of the top shitty things that happen to people so take care.


Don’t focus on those people… Best to focus on yourself and the children. And in time you will benefit from that, more so than what your getting now .