Gray Witch here

Hi Everyone,
I am a new member from the Philippines. I joined coz I find the topics interesting. I secretly practice magick as I grew up in a Christian home.

I find my magick effective in dark work. I tried love spell once it didn’t last. I do not conjure spirits or demons. And I am not planning to. I don’t want to dab into things that I am not ready for.

I am Spiritual Christian. I am not here to judge.
I am here to absorb new knowledge. Explore new territory. Take what I can and share what I know from time to time.

I am very respectful of other people’s beliefs and paths. So please do not judge me as well.


Don’t worry, we have many Christian members and others whose family and friends are Christians, you’re not alone. :smiley:

We have other members from the Philippines as well on here. :philippines:


From the Philippines too? Oh no…
Lol I’m just kidding :wink:

Thank you for the warm welcome to Lady_Eva
I appreciate it :blush:

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You play basketball?


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Was a point guard back in highschool. Why ask?

No reason. Basketball is big over there.

O yeah. It is. Basketball ring/court everywhere.

Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

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