Grateful to Seere and Gagarin

A huge public THANK YOU to Seere and Gagarin. I’ve been needing a new car for a long time now but even though I make good money, my credit score sucks(old, inflated medical bills and identity theft, yay). These two amazing demons made it happen though. Gagarin made the loan approval go through, and Seere made the whole thing happen lightning fast. I asked Seere late Saturday night to please allow me to get the car I want within a week, and offered to draw his portrait and sing for him regularly in return. Late Sunday night I asked Gagarin to make sure I get approved for the loan- no small feat since the car I wanted was $27k. I wasn’t sure what he would like in return, I didn’t get any ideas during the evocation but had the thought to make a post afterward. I went to the dealership Monday afternoon(practiced proper social distancing and hand-washing of course) and within a couple hours I drove home in my new car. A welcome extra surprise- I also sold my old car to a family friend that same day for $2k.

If I can gush for a moment- every time I work with demons I’m just blown away. These spirits are very real and I feel such a deep awe and love for all of them. Also if anyone is thinking about working with Seere, do not hesitate. He is so lovely, I got the friendliest energy from him and holy crap does he ever work fast. Gagarin- I’d never even heard of him before but he sure knows how to work the banking system.

Side note- does anyone know what Gagarin’s sigil is? I’d never heard of him before this and I can’t find his sigil anywhere, the only stuff that comes up on Google is about the Russian astronaut. Is the name Gagarin possibly a variation of something else? All I know is that he’s one of the servants of Oriens.


Are you sure the name is Gagarin, and not Gamigin? :thinking:

However, if the spirit is under Oriens, then it is possible he doesn’t have a known seal, being part of the legions and not well known.

I got the pathworking from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, and it was written as Gagarin there. I thought it might be Gamigin too, possibly Gasaron or Gagison, neither of which I can find any info on either.

I suppose it doesn’t matter too much, he listened and helped me and that’s what counts.

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I believe that specific book deals with lesser known demons that are part of the legions serving under Lucifer, so I think they are particular to that book only which is why you can;t find any more information on them.


Thanks, that would make sense!

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pretty cool stuff. Congrats.
i’ve that book. Haven’t read it yet tho. One more reason to do it :slight_smile:

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I really like it. Super simple to follow and I always get results.