Grateful to Lucifer/Rosaran/Corilon and Parelit. Recommended recipe for legal problems

I want to dedicate this post to thanking Rosaran, Corilon and Parelit for what they did for me in my legal case. I’m grateful to them.

They helped me achieve fast, tangible and very creative results that changed the whole situation of a legal case. I was in a situation where a group of people stole some stuff from me but I didn’t have any proof to present to the court. I requested help from them. I think they are a good recipe for legal problems, specially if you had do nothing bad.

  • Rosaran: To bring fortune in a legal situation
  • Corilon: To crush the ambitions of somebody who wishes to defeat you in a legal argument.
  • Parelit: To make somebody decide swiftly and in your favor.

The situation was complex and ongoing for almost four months, with changing parts in the court. Finally, I have a strong and favorable sentence from the court against those people.I summoned in beginning one time to explain, the situation and the desired results. After that, as the situation changing, I call them one week or two before each court session and trial.

Again, Grateful to Lucifer, Rosaran, Corilon and Parelit.