Grand grimoire -my attempt at doing the ritual for lucifuge

Hy guys , so its been the fourth day in my 7 day ritual to perfom the rite of lucifuge using the clavicle as per the works pf solomon.
My inspiration to perfom it came from my work on the grimoire of honorius with which i succesfully perfomed rituals on demon berchard and surgat .
Also i wanted to finally put it to test and and see if G.G works .
I must say am scared as fuck , but the bloodstone gives me hope and repels my fear a little .
Also satan today gave me an astral pull unexpectedly during the day , we spoke on my undertaking and he gave me hope , his words " curious mages will always take risks" , though he pointed out that lucifuge wont take this
lightly and caution should be paramount but he loved that i finally grew balls to do something out of my comfort zone.
Tonight i summoned Satan again for insights and the azerate king came in great glory .The candles went off , i could swear i heard something like a heartbeat (not mine ) as i channelled him .He gave insights on hazel wand and the fact that having a strong angel would do well for more protection .
He mentioned that though he’ll partake the ritual in the rite of lucifuge ,his role would be limited but insisted on lucifuge hesitation .
All in all am prepared to face it on d-day at midnight .
Am hopeful but fear isnt far off as am about 3 days off from perfoming the actual ritual.
I can swear i feel like am tightening the noose on him though but …(that feeling of doubt isnt far off ).
All in all say a prayer (satanic or whatever ) any prayer would suffice , this would be my first attempt to prove elohim , jehova exists and if he does what his relationship is with the grimoire from my expirience in the ritual which ll customise and use angel michael.
If i perish (i hope not ) well …lool
But if all goes well ll provide inclusive detail on the ritual.
F…k my fingers are literally trembling as i type this ,lucifuge though …
Ave satana


How did it go?