Grail of Serpent Magick Mentor Worth It?

So I saw that one of the authors Frank White teaches Magick. Is his courses and this worth it? Reason I’m asking is one I’m interested. And two apparently he’s closing it tommorow 6pst time. Just wanna know what y’all gotta day

Frank White is an excellent teacher. That program is designed to build a regularity in your practice due to daily lessons, which allows you to ensure to keep focused on your ascent. $40 a month is a bargain, for daily videos, in my opinion.
Consider for example, any of the random patreon page membership fees in any genre. 120 dollars a yr on such a site gets you access to maybe 1 to 2 extra videos and A ROUTE TO MAKE SURE ANY QUESTIONS NEEDED ANSWERED HAVE A GREATER CHANCE OF BEING SEEN BY THE CONTENT CREATOR. I think that is well worth it. Then look at a year of franks mentor program…365 videos compared to 12…