Anyone working with Grachiel Archdemon of the dying times?

Can He be summoned to cause the death of a target?



I think his main aplication is to wither relationships away,
not necessarily killing the other person,
but rather the attachment to it.

At least,
that’s what i get for an first impression.

Propably he can kill,
i just sense it’s not his favorite way of handling things.

He’s more like that guy,
which switches the tracks for the trains,
and makes sure they run freely on their own specific ways,
instead of crushing,
and causing massive havoc.

that’s my personal first impression.

Might call him up,
since i have a case where exactly that might be a good solution.

Hagonel is his first in command,
as far as i get it.


So you can conjure him to double check on that.
He’ll tell you,
if my impression was right,
or if he’s really down for the kill as well.

For what I get,
he’s exceptionally good,
at destroying bigger objects,
like houses,
living places,


Dislikes‖ Meat, blood, police, girly things, his mom being fussy, his unborn sibling, certain snobby rich pricks from Hell, a certain tortoise, most people.

  • that might be important in terms of offerings to use!!

No Blood or meat offerings.

He’s into veganism.

Likes‖ Fighting of every kind, insects, nature in general, veganism, antidisestablishmentarianism, Godzilla movies, video games, comic books, playing bass in his shitty band.




There it is:


Powers‖ He’s the demon of nuclear warfare and his powers revolve around an energy theme. His touch is radioactive - prolonged exposure can cause nasty side effects to humans. His touch kills insects instantly, save for cockroaches. He can heat up anything instantly without a flame (nasty on bare flesh - causes it to peel and hang off), disable electronics, and make stuff explode. His eyes glow like a pair of headlights in the dark, sadly not something he can control. Despite fighting a lot he’s never actually killed anyone and would hesitate to. His mom raised him better!

Despite fighting a lot he’s never actually killed anyone and would hesitate to. His mom raised him better!

There we have it.

My impression was indeed right.

He doesn’t like to kill,
and avoids it.

Someone of his legions also just told me:

“Consider him a crazy joung Hulk,
for that matter.
He’s emitting that toxic rays of Gamma,
Nuclear Energy constantly,
and he’ll backpaddle and get crazy about having caused to much havoc at once,
but also can’t stop his constant urge to fight!!”

So jaah.

He’s quite wicked.

i personally think,
he might still seek guidiance,
but he won’t accept just anyone to guide him.

He’ll be very specific,
about whom he wants to learn from.

I’d like to add the fact,
that he’s a half-elf,
his mother being the Elven part.

His Army,
looks mainly like this:

And this is how he should usually apear like:

Take special notice,
when he appears like this:

Because that usually tells when he’s upset about something,
like for example,
when he caused more havoc then he intended to.

Or, when he really doesn’t like to work on something,
because it does contradict his personal belief system.

avoid calling him up during the early times of Day,
he’s a night owl,
by nature,
and that’s not being respected by those close to him currently.

He’ll do much better work,
and also like doing it much more,
when called late,
instead of early.



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Grachiel sounds really charming, i meditated a little on him and yes He kind of let me know He likes to work long term and see and how the flesh rot or similar. Of course would be lovely if the work would be done quickly but that clean working from the shadows is really sweet. Probably i can work with him well i am vegetarian but try from time to time to be vegan.

Might be that Hagonel is the one for nasty messy swift jobs like short term.

Your Response helps me a lot @Yberion :sun_with_face: Awesome!!!

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sounds perfectly why you came accross him.


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This powerful sigil is a solar symbol for Black workings. Some minuts ago Bill Duvendack the famous Occultist writes: “The fixed star Sirius (the Black Sun, the Sun behind the Sun), is located at 14 degrees Cancer in astrology.” So today.


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Grachiel and Hagonel are young looking and they are totally fun. Did some energy work and I must say this :sweat_smile: I got my Skateboard and started to have lots of fun this morning. They love skateboarding. That’s awesomeness