Gordon Winterfield's Demon of Magick

So I liked other titles from the gallery of magick but most of them were angels.

I haven’t read the full Book yet but it does look like it uses divine words like yhvh etc and a lot of Hebrew. So I was thinking is there any chance of pissing demons off if I try those rites. I’ve tried my best to build a good rapport with the demons and I don’t want to ruin it by using this. I can’t fully evoke spirits to ask them directly.

Can someone please tell me if this book is for a LHP practitioner?

Thank you :heart:

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Many here have had success with that book, and no one has said the rituals “piss” the demons off so, in my opinion, it’s fine.


Personally it’s the #1 book I’d recommend for someone new to the LHP.

In my experience – not even a little bit.

It’s a fantastic book and I highly recommend it.


They answer this question in a Q&A on the Gallery of Magick webpage:

Q: Is this method disrespectful to demons?

A: Gordon talks about co-operation and command, rather than slavery, but the balance of power is in your favour. That’s the best and safest way to work. We have found that when magick treats demons as monsters that need to be feared and banished, the magick doesn’t work as well. This book approaches the subject with respect for the demons’ power, but acknowledging that you remain in charge. You do not serve the demons; they serve you, which is how it should be.

Q: Some people suggest using this book without the angelic protections. Is this wise?

A: No, it’s not. It’s potentially risky and certainly weakens your chance of getting results. It’s a quite recent trend, apparently based on a misconception that demons rebel against angels during magick. This misconception comes mostly from fiction, and not from the reality of occult experience. Demons are part of an established hierarchy, and they operate with great power and dignity when they are ‘constrained’ by angels. It works well this way, and the demons are more willing and able to help you in a stable way when you approach the magick as written by Gordon Winterfield. It is wrong to suggest that demons resent this hierarchy, and we have never seen evidence of this or heard tell of it during evocation. Indeed, the demons are clearly more real, conscious and able to operate when welcomed in the way Gordon suggests. It is also utterly false to suggest that better results come when you strip away the angelic protections. Indeed, we believe that the essential power of this magick comes from the angelic emissaries. They do not merely offer protection to you, but enable the demons to operate in the most intelligent and insightful way. The angelic emissaries are one of the true gifts of this book (rarely published elsewhere) and to discard them is to miss out on the potential of this work. The danger is that if you take them away you are left with unruly and weakened aspects of the demons. We have worked this magick for decades, and seen others use it in recent years, and it is clear that those who follow the magick as written in the book get the best, safest results. We understand people want to experiment, but firmly believe that taking the angelic workings away is risky and disempowers the magick.


The thing is it says the sigils have angels associated with them that bind them and they can’t go against them. Usually trying to bind and extort demons is considered disrespectful in LHP traditions. But then again even EA’s circle of pacts which Ant’haratu revealed kinda binds spirits so I can’t tell if his methods offend demons or not. I wish I could evoke demos to full physical forms and ask them directly but I can’t do that. All I can do is manifest a strong presence and see some “flashes” of the spirits image in my inner vision.

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Thanks a lot man. That clears everything! I appreciate it :pray:


EA circle of pacts does not “bind” spirits.


Really? I always thought that the circle of pacts and alash tad alash talash tu chant were used to sort of bind spirits.

The book is very well written and informative. I made a couple of Petition rituals and have no manifestation until now, but the problem I am trying to solve is serious and needs time.


The book works it is well-written but there is a lot in it to digest so to speak. So it is not my go to book lol I have grown accustomed to results with not having to expend so much energy. I have the physical book which is nicely printed and larger than most new-age occult books in width and length. I also have the ebook got both because the book is effective. I am sure no pissing off the demons will occur and if you think this way you may impact the efficacy of the work.