Goofer Dust

Hey guys!

How does one uncross the effects of Goofer Dust?

A basic uncrossing ritual should do it for ya or you can stack them and finish with a ritual aimed achieving positive results in the area effected.

Ok. Someone told me that some times they are so strong that they can not be reversed.

Ehh :thinking: only your doubt in your own ability to undo it could make that happen for the most part if it is feeding on your fear and doubt. There are some forces that act so intensely and swiftly that counteracting them can be complicated if not impossible. But i suspect this is not a case of that.

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Papa legba uncrosses any curse on you


You can uncross it by cleaning the path it was laid and by cleaning yourself with a bath. It had to have been laid in a place you would cross it. Think doorway or path you walk daily. So take a “broom” and sweep the path away. An old corn broom that has been enchanted and “made” into a spiritual tool… Not just a plain old broom. When you sweep it you know to use your intent to sweep it away. I would also use a wash… It you know it is on your steps or walkway… I can send you a video on it.

Then you would do a cleansing bath to break and wash away the magick that was put on you. Not hard to do. It is all in the intent and power you have… which is not a little so I do not see a problem there. You do know how to make a cleansing/breaking bath. Don’t you?


Yes!!! Thank you kindly! :wink:

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I have a similar experience. Its been 20 years now and I am blind in my right eye. Please help me I need to get rid of this evil dust in my eye and head

Do the suggestions provided?

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