Good oils, incenses, or amulets to summon Goetics?


Oils, incenses, amulets, or any other aids?

Bune specifically and Goetics in general.

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Every spirit has his or her own specific ingredients. Do yourself the greatest favour and purchase The Complete Book Of Daemonolatry

Demonolatry. Sorry force of habit. But it’s incredible anything written by S. Connolly or her colleagues is complete gold.

Lavendar oil for Lilith and I do Frankincense for Beelzebub. I feel them enjoy the scent and the offering

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I like using Frankincense, Myrrh and Cedarwood (incense and oil). Also I burn a mixture of Palo Santo, Sage, Juniper, Frankincense and Myyrh resin, Nettle, Blessed Thistle and Mugwort. Then there’s wormwood but it needs to be in an open air area as it can be toxic

I believe that for Bune, being Saturnian, good options may be poppy (in most cases, the stick version of that is probably “opium”) and cypress, while soapwort and Virginia snakeroot’s incenses probably doesn’t exist; although plant’s “pieces” may be put on the censer’s charcoal. For Goetics and Qliphothic in general, only the first ingredient plus cloves, camphor and a Mars incense, maybe dragon’s blood.

I have invoked Bune only once and from the messages I received…I went for fruit essence aroma oil diffuser, oranges, orange flavoured cake, flavoured milk, some jewellery I bought for her as an offering apart from food stuff( I took to the feminine aspect of Bune so I invoked Duchess Bune).

For Belial I would suggest a strong fragrance for incense…I don’t go for anything in particular but he likes this strong but pleasant incense that I burn for him. Its sandalwood. Yesterday I was pulled to buy a jasmine incense stick pack.

President Valak likes mild fragrances and incense. I haven’t worked with any more. For father Satan I always light a black candle…no incense.

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