Good morning, good evening and good night

Hello everyone… I am happy to have found this forum! A bit about me…

I live in TN - one of the major cities. I am a 40 something professional who is very passionate about my career and calling in my field. I have been practicing, off and on, for the past 20 years. Possibly more off than on in current totality - but I have now come to a place in my life where I can dedicate more of time, finances, will and mental space to my path and practice. I discovered the Left-Hand Path a few years back but was firmly discouraged by other pagans at the time - life happened and I left it alone. About a year ago it resurfaced in a major way and I have been dedicated to it since. I would describe what I am currently as a mixture of Setian (NOT involved in ToS), Chaos Magick and just started looking more into Goetic workings. I was originally interested in Thelema, but have since found a few other things that have proven to be more beneficial for me. I think what I am looking for the most is peers… I crave peers to learn from, teach and have constructive conversations with about actual working magic - not just the theory of magick … although I do enjoy that as well : )

I welcome your questions, comments and or conversation…

~ Friend

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Welcome to the forum.

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