Good marriage spell

I was thinking if anyone could give me a marriage spell in order to attract a perfect partner for marriage rather than temporary relationships.I need it for my cousin.She is divorced and aint gettin a suitable guy whom she can put her faith on.So if any mage could help me out on this i would be thankful to him.
Also m open to any working with any entities/sigil magick suggestions.

Actually am little confused with whether to try a generalized love spell for marriage or is it a little different from marriage spells…



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You can get a white bride and groom figural candle, Adam and eve conjure oil, Adam and eve roots, queen Elizabeth root, cinnamon powder, and paper.
On the bride side of the candle, carve her name. On the groom side, carve “Her perfect husband”. Dress the candle by stroking it down with the oil.
Next, write exactly what it is you want for your cousin in get marriage and put it under the candle. Light the candle and affirm your purpose.
In a red flannel bag, put in the Adam and eve roots dressed in the oil. Add in the cinnamon and queen Elizabeth root. Write again the purpose of your ritual and put it in the bag. Close up the bag. Sprinkle it with salt, water, hold in incense, and pass over the flame of the candle. Hold it in your right hand and cousin being happily married. State that the bag shall draw in her perfect husband. Anoint in the bag in a five spot pattern. Burn down the candle over the course of seven nights. Deposit the wax in her bedroom and give her the bag to keep everyday.
You should ask for her permission before doing this. If she just wants to take a break from dating then there’d be no point.
Also, remember to have her go out and actually socialize. Just sitting on her butt in the livingroom watching TV likely won’t draw in a husband, unless he happens to be the pizza guy.

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