Good evening questions concerning the tarot or black magic service

Good evening I sent a message to support regarding the service offer tarot and black magic told me to post on the forum I wanted to know if we can do a consultation by email to ask questions is to consult tarot in giving my Facebook for example because I don’t understand English thank you for your answer

Which specific service is it? Is it Orlee’s tarot magic service?

Orlee Stewart’s Services

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@DarkestKnight has purchased items from the website before, so he may have an idea.

OK thanks for your answer

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A black magic consultation

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Did you get the consultation service from the website?

Consultations are generally done over a service like Skype. I don’y know specifically about Orlee Stewart, but my consultation with EA Koetting was on Skype, and I know someone who booked with Bill Duvendack and it was also over Skype, so I suspect that would be the case with Orlee.

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OK merci