GoM Master Curse: Hurt vs Anger

Let me preface by saying I have no apprehension in performing this curse as the person did unspeakable and imo unforgivable acts. This evening I began the Master Curse. When it was time to summon my emotions, it manifested as hurt and tears. Will these emotions translate over to the rage needed? Prior to the ritual I was absolutely furious thinking about things this person did.

Magickal attack?

Gordon said Angels of wraith was more effective, I have the book but have yet to curse. Maybe try that one out.


I tried AoW but had no results =/ I also prefer to do the authority ritual from DoM than the stillness meditation about time and space (maybe that’s why I didn’t see results from AoW so far).

I only did a few workings from Magickal Attack but I think it’s too soon to tell if they worked.

I began the Master Curse yesterday just like OP, but I fueled it with jealousy and envy for the most part.

Simply try your best. The emotions are simply a way to move your soul to communicate and join with the spirits you are calling on, and to show them your desire. So, you don’t have to worry about it too much, and most of the time it doesn’t need to be strong emotion. Just try your best and then stop worrying about it.


Saying “had no results” is the quickest way to kill the potential of getting results.

Magick works, be patient and forget about the curse and it will work. Also yeah, do the ritual as instructed lol. I’d prefer to think of a curse and snap my fingers and it be done, but I take the time to read the book and do it. I actually have to reread AoW cuss I don’t remember all the details.


My point is that idk, it’s like AoW didn’t feel so “ritualistic.”

Look, if a few months pass and there are no results, it has to be said: it didn’t work. It’s not that the magick is not effective or that I’m killing it by saying it didn’t work… it just didn’t, and a new approach has to be tried.

This also applies to when other users come in and say something didn’t work, and they’re quickly silenced with “don’t say it! now it’s your fault that it didn’t work!”

It’s not about faults and blames. If months pass and nothing happened, then call it for what it is and try some other way.


Magick isn’t a 100% success rate, my curses took a lot longer than “a few months”. But whatever I don’t really care.

Hopefully OP cultivates patience. My demonic curses took an entire year and one of the people I cursed is still alive so…it’s still working.

I’m going to use AoW on him since Gordon states in the book AoW is superior to both demonic curses found in 72 demons of magick and magickal attack.


Really? Wow, it’s a shame I didn’t get it to work then =/ I’ll try again eventually, because I’m sure I must have got something wrong.

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In my case patience isn’t the issue; I’m not worried about the timeline. My concern is that my emotions were expressed as hurt instead of absolute vitriol. Because of this I am concerned about the efficacy of the curse if the “proper” emotions aren’t communicated to the spirits involved. I have a couple more days to work with Shaz and will just go with the flow.

I chose the Master Curse as I’ve had great success working with demons and this ritual resonated with me based on the specific demons involved and the justice I want.

Yes, Magickal attack.

As long as you said your request properly and your intention was clear, you’ll be fine.

I recently finished a 33-day ritual from that book, and it was difficult to keep the feelings “fresh” for so long, but the core intent remained and I think that was enough.


Thank you. Gordon says that performing the ritual will give you a sense of peace. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t able to rile up my anger as much. I did manage to keep the visualization up. I’m looking forward to what the remaining 11 days of the ritual will bring.


I would absolutely suggest you to try it again. But anyway, I don’t think all kinds of Magick work the same for everyone and that’s fine. In my case, I’ve used AoW only a few times but it worked really well. Maybe you’re right and The Stillness is key; it drives me so much to a Magickal state that I ended up including it in all my Magickal rituals: Independently of the system I work with, if I make up my own ritual or if I work with angels or demons, I use The Stillness first. I equate it to the I AM, or Silence. The rituals on that book are so short that I get your point, they don’t feel like rituals. But again, I’ve used Angels of Omnipotence, that feel even less like a ritual, and got miraculous results :woman_shrugging:t3:


Hey! Since you also mention AoO, I got that book and took notes and everything… but then I looked up experiences with them here on the forums and everyone mentions their lives got really, really messed up before they got their results.

It made me a bit cautious about them, so in the end I haven’t done any rituals from that book yet. It seems they all can be used for baneful purposes as well, but I couldn’t find any experiences here on that.

I’m curious about your thoughts on this!

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I completed day two last night and all the hatred and violent thoughts of physically wounding my target surfaced. It was lovely and left me quite satisfied. I also have AoW and may throw in “Wound with Fury”. Not because I doubt the Master Curse, but because I have the time, hate, and well, they fucked with the wrong person.


I think the disruptive results people experience with AoO referred more to Damon Brand’s book, or working with them in other systems. I haven’t really heard of that disruption when using Jared Tempest’s book. BUT, it probably is not only because of the system of glyphs he created (that may help) but for the way he has of advising of working with them.

By that I mean, Jareth Tempest himself talks about that disruptions on his book and gives some tips on how to avoid them. There’s a magician on YouTube (very very good) that talks about them, but in another language I speak, not English, and I love how he puts it, basically following Jareth’s thread: The Angels of Omnipotence build realities. They don’t fix or change what there is: They create a complete new reality. That’s why you may feel a big disruption. If you ask for riches but you work a menial full time job, and there’s no way you would get rich that way, you may get fired. That’s disruptive, but the way you’ll get rich as you wanted. It’s a very easy example but you get my point.

Jareth’s advise is to rearrange your reality bit by bit, and to help the angels with it. Work towards what you’re asking them. I can vouch for this:

First time I used this angels, almost a year ago, I asked for a very damaged relationship to be healed. An hour later I behaved in an extremely mean, toxic way with that person. What followed was some of the hardest days I’ve had. It was a strange spiritual pain… I felt punished. Days after, I re-read the book and it all made sense: I had asked for X, behaved in exactly the opposite way. I asked the Angels to create that reality, but I was working against it. It didn’t happen again. Days later I did some more rituals, for healing and for love. What followed was some of the most shocking Magick I’ve done. Felt like I had jumped into a parallel reality, I’m not kidding. Since then I haven’t had any more issues with those angels. I would say the deliver in such a way that (as they create a different reality) feels so natural that sometimes is difficult to identify. I’ve got the feeling they rearrange time too, but I believe time is non linear so maybe it’s only me. I would say too that the effects can wear off. But I haven’t had them fail.

Regarding the baneful aspect, I’ve only started using that a couple of months ago: I created a new sigil with a couple of glyphs. I used it only 4 or 5 times and stopped. Some weeks ago, one of the targets confirmed to me what I wanted to hear (and mind you, I didn’t even think it would happen, maybe that’s why I stopped). There’s still work to do (and I somehow can’t be bothered), but there’s that. I’m glad I got that book and worked with them, and there’s still so much more to do. But that’s only my opinion :blush:


Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I’ll take notes (especially about working on goals bit by bit) and re-read the book!

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That book is extremely powerful despite the fact that it’s less ritualistic. I performed one of the ritual to bring misery on my target and eventually after a year he committed suicide. Although it took more than a year for me to see the result but the Magick was still running in the background making him miserable .

I believe that when a ritual is complete, the mechanisms of reality begin to shift in accordance with your will. Seeing results, however, requires some finesse in your perception of magick


There are two kinds of enemies. One that you can compromise with, Two is the other you cannot appease. It sounds like your in category # 2. If you were in category # 1, you wouldn’t be asking the question, you would be out compromising. It doesn’t take anything magical to make that happen. Well, maybe a little…

If # 2 is the case, then you owe it to yourself to proceed with all available emotional fury, no holds barred, no guilt no regret, no second thoughts, and no limits. This is not going to be a cakewalk. It may take some time, and there will be bumps in the road. All the emotional baggage has to be settled before you can proceed. That is where you HAVE to be, because anything other than that you are compromising your own safety, peace of mind, and even your sanity, and the ability to see this to it’s fruition.

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Small update:
I performed this curse back in April and haven’t really thought about it since. I have absolutely no contact with my target or anyone that knows them. A few nights ago I dreamed that my target had become grossly overweight, specifically in the abdomen and developed unsightly skin issues. The target was talking to me and telling me how they had no friends and felt extremely lonely.

I have a natural gift of precognition through dreams since I was a child, so I take this dream as an indication the curse is taking effect. :smiling_face: