Golahab klippot

Hello everyone, I recently found out that I am in the Golahab klippot In the 4 gates of the Wasteland, those who have read my previous posts can judge why it happened, but I was already at the age of 4 in the golahab kelipot so my friend had a suspicion that I could already be born under the auspices of the Dark Tree

. Is this possible? And then what does it say about me? After I found out, I had an exit to the astral. The fact is that I photograph sunsets/sunrises almost every day, so I didn’t realize that I was out of my body, I went to take pictures as usual. There was a cloud like the one I’m going to post. From there, 3 demons came to me, one of them Lucifer, Adramelech and another, but he did not introduce himself. At that moment, I felt surprise, joy, and awe, looking at my hands, I realized that this was not reality. I bowed in front of them, but Lucifer said that it was not necessary to do this. Then I talked to them a little and told Adramelleh that I regret that this is not reality, he said “There is nothing to regret, you called us yourself”, I said that I did not do it, he seemed surprised. Then he asked if I knew the meaning of a word, he named it, I said yes I did, he asked where, I couldn’t answer. He was surprised at that, too. 3 demons were accompanied by guards? At least they looked like guards.
Further, when they were about to leave, Lucifer called 4 teachers to teach the klippot, as I understand it. I will attach an example photo of how they looked. The details are different, and the color of everyone’s clothes was different, plus the symbols were different.
In general, I was not so surprised, I am still in shock, because it looked like it was 100% reality.
I also found out the name of my guardian, this is also one of the reasons why they came to me, or why I had such a dream. His name is Rokramdes. And he has this look (I wonder why he looks like a Templar, the clothes are similar, but the mask is cruciform). If someone knows this name, I will also be grateful for comments

Perhaps you could enlighten me to what this means or refers to? I tried googling Golahab klippot and couldn’t find anything at all, so I’m having trouble discerning what your talking about, aside from possibly astral adventures.

I’m having trouble understanding how this is a position or place you just found yourself in. Most of what I’ve read about other planes and gates and working through them, indicates that you would start at one point and work through to the rest, or around to the rest or whatever, and don’t really seem like you’d just find yourself somewhere in the middle.

What does this mean? When you were you started this journey and you just came into knowledge of it? Sorry I’m just real confused about everything except maybe the dark tree part, and I don’t think your using that how I normally see either.

Well. That’s pretty cool.


Excuse me, what is this?


I think OP wants to talk about ‘Golachab Qliphoth’.

Is that is @Irina?

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Yes, I’m sorry, it’s just that a different interpretation is used in the Russian-speaking community of practitioners and I thought that here too


Sorry, this Golachab Qliphoth


Ahh thank you, I could only figure out it sounded like the spheres, and couldn’t find anything at all with that spelling.

There obviously are people that understood you, but it’s not a topic I’m well versed with, so I felt quite lost trying to understand what you were relating to us.

Thank you for elucidating though, it makes much more sense now and I can search a little easier for the parts I’m not sure I understand :grinning: