Golachab and 'pain trance'

To avoid any confusion I’m not claiming to be an adept here. I’m working through Qliphotic Meditations and sorting out my approach to Golachab, for those not familiar with it it’s more of a ‘Get an overview’ book where you make contact with the symbols and energies of the qlipha.

I noticed that a kind of pain trance is recommended for the work, and from what’s implied it’s supposed to be something of the kind that can be self-administered while at least having one hand free for holding the seal / sigil and gazing into it.

I noticed that I can jump on Duck Duck Go and try a lot of the typical search word that I’d assume would help me find the sort of content that I need but I end up mostly finding either new age / Christian Illuminati conspiracy theories, just plain old meditation, hypnosis, and other stuff - ie. the algorythms clearly don’t know what to do with the search.

Admittedly I’m not coming at this from any extensive history of BSDM and in this context I’m probably trying to pick off the very apex of it, ie. getting direct to altered states for its own sake, rather than for the reasons I’m thinking most people get into it - where that would happen more as a result of their draw to BSDM for all sorts of other reasons.

I guess this means I’ll need to grab a BSDM book from somewhere - just that as a complete BSDM rube I have no clue what books are geared more specifically toward magick and psychotechnology uses of it.

Any thoughts?

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It would make you a master or an adept with trance, for this I’d recommend cutting, or snapping (rubber bands/elastic tied string).
Or good ol flogging with a cat o nine tails.
Nonetheless, it would be interesting to know you can consciously do this while under trance.

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My framing of it what criteria it would need to satisfy:

  1. It needs to be continuous delivery with a very easy-to-use level of adjustment.

  2. It has to apply much more ‘pain’ of the right type and frequency than it does physical damage - otherwise it’s not something you can really practice unless your a serious dyed-in-the-wool Manichean gnostic (which I’m not).

The bits all through the chapter about thorns sounded interesting. No one sells S&M thorned bungees I’m guessing for practical reasons (ie. hazards of sharing bodily fluids) but I could see something working on pin pricks and oscillation, just that I’m neither a materials chemist nor an electrical engineer.

To be ‘erotic’ it would have be simultaneously alluringly comfortable and painful, which again soft rubber bungees with realistic thorns would be brilliant (add an automated oscillator or tightener for hands-free) but there’s no market for that sort of thing. That might just tell me that it’s time to buy myself a 3D printer? Dunno.

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Rosary of thorns/jagged stones?

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Good point if I’m trying to make a daily practice with prayer beads of some kind.

Might still need something as well that doesn’t require handling mala (particularly thinking for the Golachab meditation and pathworking).

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You just gave me an idea. Maybe Icy Hot’s the silver bullet. :joy:

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There are holistic healing beds, made if jade balls, and uses acupressure sometimes to a painful degree.

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Menthol gum drips for oral pleasure if that’s the intent here.

Golachab is the sphere of “the burning/flaming” ones.

Eating some spicyass food night be a good way too.

The really hot peppers also cause a release of endorphins.

I’ve legit gotten semi high off of eating stuff scorpion pepper powder…

(My personal experience is that you don’t even need that much. Something about the super hots potency has a similar effect even at low levels of use)

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That last one is profound, great for a Saturday night after 11 with a willing participant, unless I have a willing participant while I’m doing my Golachab ritual!

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So maybe tie together Golachab and Paqui One-Chip challenge.

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Something I want to do is actually experiment with whatever it is I’m doing before the meditation (I’d love something I can do that would heighten a low dose of acid or something of the like).

I’ll have to give this more thought as well as see what other recommendations come in.

I’m glad it’s not just me though - this takes some very technical analysis that I don’t think there’s much of a repository for anywhere.

I just had an idea.

There’s those 3/4 inch inch rubber strips for medical.
Thumb tacks are something I could get at Staples or some other place like that.

I could maybe double-up some rubber strips to secure a layer of thumb tacks as a prototype.

I’d take a rubber band and put it around your wrist and snap it repeatedly to get the pain effect your looking for. Simple and easy and won’t break trance necessarily.

I might be misunderstanding, the idea I got was that it was a pain of particular frequency, variety, duration, etc. that would induce trance and endorphin as well as potentially erotic responses.

I did notice that self-tapping screw tips pressed to sensitive areas (sideways on an angle) gave a lot of sensory feedback but needed adjustment to keep it steady, same I think for striking a rubber band.

Someone gave me the idea of using something with drumming / rhythmic administration (so maybe a one-hand technique). I guess that could tether well, the trick is figuring out what kind of tool would work best for that.