Goin’ thru some shit

Hey all!

Thank you for reading. So I’ve been going through some shit lately with an ex that I have a temporary restraining order on. Basically this fucker spent the better part of April contacting me from a no caller ID number, created a fake Grindr profile to harass me, posted pictures he had taken of me while I was sleeping, and then lambasted a mutual friend for hanging out with me. Now, I’m sick and tired of his shit. The restraining order itself will expire next month and I’m genuinely afraid of how he’ll retaliate against me once it does. I have to refile the order to continue it and intend to do so. With that being said, the courts in my state have yet to deliver the order to him.

I’m basically fed up and I’ve thought about doing a hex. I’ve made a red line and shit and if it’s crossed I have no intention on holding back. I took a revenge spell on someone when I was a teenager and it came true to a t and needless to say this person no longer walks with us. I am aware of the power I can wield.

I am afraid. This person is unstable and the courts are failing me. I spoke to Belial ages ago when this first happened he said he would take care of it. With that being said, where I live has undeniably potent energy but there is a goddess that lives here and I do not want to disrespect her domain. She is a goddess of vengeance, hence why I don’t want to fuck with her as she’s blocked my magic before.

I’m unsure of what to do here. I keep going back and forth on whether or not to do a faster acting spell than what I’ve done before. I need thoughts on this.

I am not innately a vengeful soul, nor am I a punitive one. I wanted this to go to court and I wanted him to have a fair say but I’ve been blocked. Needless to say in the immediate aftermath this fucker terrorized me in my dreams until the final one where I had a dream he killed himself. I’ve asked my books through bibliomancy if this is the likely future and it said yes, multiple times.

But I don’t know when or how. I don’t know why. I am absolutely terrified of this individual. I’m in need of suggestions on how to deal with this. Belial has appeared to take care of the legal aspects of this but there’s something that’s obfuscating the end result and I’m unsure of what it is as last time I spoke with him he was satisfied with my offering of meat and whiskey.

I need assistance in brainstorming how to proceed.

Thank you.

Perhaps you need to give an offering to the goddess you mentioned as well, explain the situation, and ask for additional aid. Before that, talk to belial about it so it does not come off as you not trusting him. Instead, put it as a way to make his job easier and see if he approves first. Lastly, do not be afraid. Human fear has a tendency to destroy everything, including the individual.


I hate the goddess. She annoys me. Mostly cuz most ppl that worship her are the goody two shoes hedge witches and such. U know the old lady that wear glitter and leave bowls of cream out for the fairies. Honestly she is my least favorite deity. We’ve spent enough time without her doing just fine. So yea I rly dislike the goddess

Thank you for your feedback!

@ALTAIR the goddess I’m referring to is one that lives in an active volcano, I’m not referring to the Wiccan/New Age school of theological thought but an active goddess in her own right - Pele.

I think @Dralukmun that’s the sensible thing to do. There’s a lingering feeling that she’s okay with it but she wants me to approach her and ask through ritual or head over to her volcano.


A little respect goes a long way in both the world of man and of spirit. Good luck :+1:


I whole heartedly agree. Thank you again.

Ahhh :ok_hand: my bad. Good luck my friend. I hope u get ur revenge. God bless


Honestly, Pele can really rain some serious heat down on this guy. Don’t count her out simply because she’s fucked you over in the past.

That would be like me writing off lady Astaroth because she bitched slapped me for being disrespectful once.

Of course, there’s ways to rid yourself of that goddesses influence if it really is that much of a trouble.

Back on topic, have you considered simply going to a neutral area, and dropping a death curse on this worthless bastard?

Honestly, my biggest hang-up in life is that I tend to think that the easiest, and generally, the most permanent way of dealing with my problems is by MAGICKALLY killing the people WITH SORCERY who caused the problem in the first place.

All caps for obvious reasons, I’m not taking a 9 after anybody.


Careful don’t anger a goddess. And how do you know you’ve been just fine without her. She could have been watching over you and you not even be aware.

If she has been and she pulls that protection away … it might not end well.


Out of all deities she is my least favorite and I dislike a couple. But honestly she has no place in the black magick world. I have no fear of angering her because she’s a passive and non aggressive entity. The most she could do is dislike me back. I have a God on my side that watches over me as well as or deities and spirits so I’m fine without the goddess. There’s really no need for her. She’s a useless goddess. And she really can’t do anything other than exist sooo… yea. She has no purpose on this forum

Yes, that’s exactly the point. I live on her domain. It’d be like a guest coming into your home and pissing on the wall. I have a great deal of respect for Pele, she welcomed me here with open arms and a big hug, but she can just as easily kick my ass off the island or worse.


I understand

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Well if that’s how you feel. That’s how you feel.

@anon85289956 I love this post. But to clarify, I haven’t written her off, I think she’s already protecting me just in different ways and the gods that do walk with me are working together to shield me from his worst.

And yes, I’d love to do a death curse but again I need to ask permission. I’m 90% sure she would be okay with it but I’d prefer to have her permission than have her scorn. If you know of any fast acting death curses then absolutely let me know. I’m sick of having to go about my life looking over my shoulder.

Thank you so much for your feed back!