Goetic vs Dukantic sigils

Hi all, just thought I would post this for others’ thoughts on the subject. Which do you think is the better sigils for contacting daemons? Dukantic or Goetic sigils? Keeping in mind that not every daemon is in both. Also a lot of the sigils I use have a ring with the name around the outside. Have just read where having the ring means you are contacting them as part of something larger and without the ring is giving them more power. “By circling the sigil you are focusing on the Demon as part of something larger. By leaving the sigil un-circled it suggests focusing on the Demon itself without looking at it as part of the whole. In Goetic and Ceremonial Magick, encircling the sigil is often symbolic of having power over a Demon”. Thoughts?


I like goetic sigils best because they’re older but if the goetia doesn’t have a demon’s sigil, I don’t mind using a dukantic one.


Likewise, my preference is the Goetic ones and for any entities outside of that grouping or don’t fit into both I’ll use the Dukante.

TBH - I’ll go to one of the 72/73 (depending what you read and accept - poor Pruflas) before anything else and I’ve not really needed to go beyond unless it’s a joint project. I do work with other deities but I’m not going into those here.

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@FraterMagni @HermesHorse what do you think about what was said about circling the sigil? I am assuming they mean the sigils with the name around

I was told to create meditation stones - they happen to be circular in shape and they have the entity’s sigil on them.

It’s like a seal or brand, it belongs to the entity not whoever is working with that entity - it’s a symbol and an identifier like a monogram.

I was about to reveal something but recalled that I was told not to. But the answer is that if you know what you are doing there shouldn’t be any reason to need constructs such as these, that’s the best way to answer.

I used to attempt going with all the sigils (if an entity has more than one) or for the 72 I “favor” the Goetic ones too.
A point of view on the circle may also be that it amplifies what is inside; another, the connection between two universes or two beings inside of them (operator in the magic Circle and sigil, symbolizing the entity, encircled).

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